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On-line Recruiting - This paper was an assesment in which I was to asses an online recruitment service

AbstractThe most significant change facing job seekers today is the introduction of on-line recruiting services. With the Internet becoming a w ... xposure. In general, if someone chooses the right service to help him or her on his or her way to a job, it is a win-win situation. In the days of reduced recruiting budgets, companies are being force ... nd recruits. I feel that the combination of the net and direct exposure provides a great outlet for job seekers wanting to get their name out.When people are looking for a service, they need to know w ...

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Welfare"Welfare must become a road to jobs, not a road to dependence. The 1996 welfare reform was a step in the right direction. The feder ... ead of just phasing out the welfare benefits, there should be something done in devising a plan for jobs. The cause of poverty can be an effect from the shortage of jobs with livable wages and benefit ... working poor. As long as many Americans don't have a good education, and the number of good-paying jobs is far smaller than the number of job seekers, millions of Americans will be impoverished (Publ ...

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Has the welfare state created a dependency culture

a welfare dependency culture is going to look at single parents who are trying to go back to work, job seekers allowance, one of new labours Christians, Frank Field, Bill Jordan and Marsland. Firstly ... receiving unemployment benefit, treat this as a 'way of life' rather than attempt to secure a paid job.According to Peter Golding and Sue Middleton most newspapers reporting of welfare claimants port ...

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Urine-Luck! America answer to its growing drug problem

When you look at drug testing today it seems as if it is just as much a prerequisite to get a job as a degree or even just filling out the application itself. Most just submit without regard (or ... hallenge the person responsible for hiring them about a drug test? Very few people just apply for a job for the enjoyment of it; it is usually because they need the pay for basic survival. Consequentl ...

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Internet Job Search and the Effect on Unemployment Duration

Internet Job Search and the Effect on Unemployment DurationAbstractJobseeker behavior changed in 1990's with ... eker behavior changed in 1990's with the introduction of non-traditional methods of searching for a job such as the Internet. Online search methods have replaced many of the traditional methods of sea ... he Internet. Online search methods have replaced many of the traditional methods of searching for a job. In August 2000, one in four unemployed U.S. job seekers reported that they use the Internet as ...

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What are the various ways in which a person can look for a new job?

There are various ways of looking for a job. The most frequent are the following:Recommendation - From your friends or other people you know ... ent are the following:Recommendation - From your friends or other people you know. People apply for jobs recommended or brought to their notice by their friends, family and acquaintances, possibly whe ... ibly where these people work themselves. Ex bosses, colleagues can come in handy when looking for a job as they know your work they can always recommend to their bosses or friends. This a very powerfu ...

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Intercultural Conversation: Connecting Culturally

sh, in some cases, is not enough. Being bilingual or even trilingual these days is an advantage for job seekers because employers are aware of our diverse population. Intercultural communication can o ...

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Online recruitment paper

vice provides a marketplace for candidates to market their skills and for employers to market their job vacancies. is part of the worldwide Monster network, the Number one career portal in ... is part of the worldwide Monster network, the Number one career portal in the world, serving job seekers and employers in 22 countries ("About", 2004). has an average of 2 ...

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Need some personalized career advice to speed your job search?In HotJobs Communities you can ask questions, find answers and get tips from thousand ... -mail inbox.To select one of our 27 career-specific message boards, click here.Or, see what job seekers are talking about in some of our most popular communities:Accounting/Finance Inte ... ing/Finance Internet/New Media Clerical/Administrative Sales Human ResourcesTechnologyHotJobs Communities are open all day, every day. To visit, click here.Get the news to get the j ...

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Cultural Misunderstandings of Indians Among the American Community         Although East

n who are multilingual and officially bilingual which provides additional advantages to East Indian job-seekers in the growing need for an effective workforce in Northern America. The first generation ... ve particular accents when speaking the official language, English. This often sets them aside when job-seeking or engaging in public transactions such as, sales (Hoefler 23). In a similar manner, the ...

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o serve, not to be served? (About). Some of the critical areas that the programs help deal with are jobs, grief and loss, housing, benefit programs, tax services, and legal rights. They help job seeke ...

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What Job Seekers Look For in an Employer

s something people enjoy doing; on the other hand working is not something people enjoy, unless the job meets all the demands of the worker. In order to find out if a company suits a person, one must ... assifieds. Knowing a companies awards or recognition, financial standing, and benefits offered give job seekers a way to choose which company they would be best suited for, Wal-Mart or Target.Wal-Mart ...

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Researching Human Service Agencies

e North Carolina Employment Security Commission meets the aids of the unemployed by listing current job opportunities, referring qualified applicants, and providing local labor market information. Ass ... ng local labor market information. Assist job seekers in resume writing and employers in developing job descriptions. Processes claims for unemployment insurance benefits. The North Carolina Employmen ...

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The skills shortage is forcing organizations to change the way they utilize the skills of their older workforce. Do you agree or disagree with this statement

few ready-skilled tradespeople available, reduced interest in particular industries among potential job seekers, technology changes within an industry and so on (Department of Education, Employment an ... ls shortages. Generally mature age workers are seen as reliable, stable and prepared to stay in the job for several years, as well as bring a wealth of knowledge and a lifetime of experience with them ...

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Business Management Employment Law Labor Relations

Job seekers have many choices in the job market. When an acceptable bargain is reached between a pot ... 's could aid in gaining an employee's continued service but managers believe that a union makes the job harder in taking away certain areas of responsibility away from them. Employees seem to lose foc ... focus on that in order to succeed with the company the business first has to succeed. Management's job is to ensure the company gains a profit, to do this one has to create more products at a lesser ...

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HR Laws Reorganization Plan

ation. The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) is responsible to providing America's workers, employers, job seekers, and retirees with the regulation that govern the compliance federal employment laws and ... nt or strategic HR emerged. The new, larger role included analyzing and creating a profile for each job and hiring people to fit the profile giving the new employees an orientation that infuses them w ...

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Monster Networking was the leading global online career network

rview of the company's is an internet site that is offered as an opportunity for job seekers to examine the market for available positions that will match their requirements. Using ... ne the market for available positions that will match their requirements. Using Monster's web site, job seekers can shop around for a job that will be most appealing to them. The site also offers empl ...

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Argument and Collaboration

laboration:My decision to pursue graduate school is to position myself to be more marketable in the job market. Through my job search, I have discovered that a Bachelors degree no longer serves as the ... reaching my career goals. The MBA should be very instrumental in putting me above the rest of other job seekers and helping me to secure a position in which my background, experience and talents are u ...

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Collective Bargaining

tion capabilities, or the assistance in finding new work. The Wagner Act also provides services for job seekers, which would be eliminated if society digressed to the "law of the jungle." In order to ... ess and take the consequences that would follow, resulting in many persons potentially hating their jobs and their lives. Digressing to the "law of the jungle" would be a good thing for businesses but ...

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