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The Canadian National Flag

cross. The St. Georges Cross was an English Flag of the 15th century. It was flown over Canada when John Cabot reached the east coast of Canada in 1497. Thirty-seven years later, the fleur-de-lis was ...

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The Cabot Dilemma: John Cabot's 1497 Voyage & the Limits of Historiography

In 1497, John Cabot (Giovanni Cabotto) set off on a voyage to Asia. On his way he, like Christopher Columbus, ... nt them. Sadly, the vagueness of the evidence makes this effort futile except in a very general way.John Cabot knew the world was much bigger around than Columbus claimed, and that it thus would be im ... r evidence entirely too literally in attempting to establish an airtight case, as in the example of John T. Juriceks 1967 article supporting Ganong. Too often, these writers ignore broad evidential tr ...

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The history of the Beothucks of Newfoundland and Labrador

population in Newfoundland numbered in the thousands at its peak, with 60 to 80 in each tribe. When John Cabot arrived in 1497, there was only as estimated 500 Beothuks remaining. In 1822, when Shawna ... native on the island. The first official contact with Beothuks and Europeans occurred in 1612 when John Guy and his crew came upon a group of Beothuks. The Beothuks approached Guy waving a white wolf ...

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Hemmingway, Author Analysis

me hunter, a bullfighter, or a guerilla warrior. In his Nobel-Prize acceptance speech, delivered by John Cabot, the US Ambassador to Sweden, Hemingway observed, "For a true writer, each book should be ...

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What was the motivation for the Europeans to explore? Gold God and Glory.

big motivation, Glory.Glory was the goal of most explorers. People like Ferdinand Magellan and John Cabot sailed for glory. When they saw new land they mapped, and named it and believed that the ...

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How Cod Changed the World based on the book Cod: A Biography of the Fish That Changed the World by Mark Kurlansky

ey saw while trading with the Basques. While in search of finding a westward route to Asia in 1497, John Cabot, under his voyage for Henry VII of England, came across the rocky shores of Newfoundland. ... pulate the Atlantic with the great fish. Perhaps one day the cod population will reach that of when John Cabot first claimed, “The sea is swarming with fish which can be taken not only with the n ...

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Early Exploration

orld. The second group was lead by Christopher Columbus and the third to reach this "new world" was John Cabot. These men were all extremely vital in increasing knowledge of the land and therefore hel ... Columbus will always be remembered as a colonizer, navigator, and perhaps most of all, an explorer.John Cabot lived from 1450-1499 and is known as the first European since the Vikings to explore Nort ...

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