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A Miami Tale: A story about a character who has the morals and beliefs of people in Miami.

Officer John GaleIt was Tuesday morning; the sun was just on the brink of shinning on the great beautiful ci ... was just on the brink of shinning on the great beautiful city of Miami. Sitting in his car, Officer John Gale was sipping his early morning coffee, getting ready for a long day ahead. Gale was tall, b ... hard for anyone not to daze off looking into his eyes because of the amazing color they possessed. John was in his mid thirties, and people had done this all his life; for him it became mundane. He l ...

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Animal Testing

is extremely important in human society and some testing is definitely needed. I read an article on Gale Student Resources In Context about a method of studying cerebral malaria that avoids the use of ... of people." Roth4Bibliography:"Progress in lifesaving scientific research." Ecos Apr.-May 2011: 7. Gale Student Resources In Context. Web. 17 Jan. 2012.Fellenz, Marc R. "Animal Experimentation." Ency ...

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