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Assess the importance of the British Documentary Movement and its influence on 'realism' within British Cinema.

John Grierson spoke of 'an unknown England beyond the West End' and of a desire to 'travel dangerous ... llow the nation to represent itself to itself, to educate and inform. He believed his own Drifters (John Grierson, 1929) was the definitive example of film, primarily because the aesthetic fulfilled a ... r the Free Cinema group and British 'new wave' filmmakers such as Lindsay Anderson and Karel Reisz. John Hill notes that for Lindsay Anderson, the key term in Grierson's definition of documentary ('th ...

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Critical Analysis:Robert Kolker, 'The "Truth" Of the Image.'

ar by straight documentaries without a lecturer . Documentary as a filmic genre had been defined by John Grierson in 1926 as 'the creative treatment of actuality' , which Brian Winston acknowledged as ...

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Documentary Film

cts objectively without the insertion of editorialization or fictional matter" (Collins 121). John Grierson argues this to be untrue. Grierson rather, refers to a documentary as the "creative tr ... s. A documentary film can by no means be objective in all facets of its production. John Grierson pioneered this train of thought in the 1930s and it is just as applicable to today's d ...

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England Swings into it's own Grave: England Swings, right into its own Grave. An analysis of the depiction of British National Identity in the 1973 Vincent Price horror classic "Theatre of Blood"

rived from the sparse black and white documentary aesthetic of government documentaries produced by John Grierson. This definition of national identity served for the inspiration behind such notable f ...

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Review the film with emphasis on the methods used in capturing the real in Salaam Cinema.

A documentary is defined as a film that offers a factual report on a specific subject. John Grierson, who created the term, documentary, stated that a documentary is a "creative treatment ...

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