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The 2004 Democratic Presidential Candidates

rity, yet they each have their own method of solving the problem. Dick Gephardt, Joe Lieberman, and John Kerry, all have a firm stance on protecting the pristine ecosystem of the Arctic National Wildl ... creasing research for other viable fuel alternatives which similarly do not require the use of oil. John Kerry wants to take that concept one step further and is bold enough to promise that he will wo ...

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Writing assignment: Abortion and Stem Cell Research; A Moral Debate

in bold letters read "You can't be both Catholic and pro-choice". Assuming this is in reflection to John Kerry, our possible future President. Who says he is Catholic but also pro-choice. There seems ...

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Democratic convention By Alan Torrico

Democratic ConventionDate: July 29, 2004Major speakers: Sen. John Kerry Sen. John Kerry accepted the nomination for president and promised to never start ... soldier telling them that he will never ask them to fight a war that will not bring peace to the US.John Kerry tried to demonstrate that he is strong enough to make the necessary decisions to protect ...

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No Child Left Behind

nions from two democratic candidates on the topic of education and "No Child Left Behind".Candidate John Kerry, who has consistently criticized Bush for signing the "No Child Left Behind" Act, feels h ...

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Nostalgia for Napalm

ntly, people calling in to radio programs dealing with the presidential race tend to complain about John Kerry's eventual opposition to the war, implying that the U.S. war effort was somehow a righteo ...

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2004 presidential debate 1. who won and why

how to not only fight the war in Iraq, but win it while bringing our troops home within four years. John Kerry also feels that Bush grossly overspent money overseas in the War in Iraq: money which cou ... ry was talking: something which he made him look extremely uneasy on the podium.Overall I feel that John Kerry won the first presidential debate. For the 1st half of the debate however, George Bush wa ...

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Scorched Earth Strategy

le for war in Iraq has collapsed, so President George W. Bush has declared another war, this one on John Kerry. Bush's blistering attack on Kerry as weak and wavering on war and the worst kind of tax- ... ame discredited information he's been dishing out since the start of the war. When he debated rival John Edwards in Cleveland Tuesday evening, Cheney glided from the little lie, falsely asserting he h ...

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Why vote Bush?

On August 11, John Kerry criticized the Bush Administration for blocking a bipartisan plan to give seniors access ...

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Can Winning the Presidential Debates Affect the Election Outcome? A critique of the 1st debate and how it will affect each candidate. By Rachel Webber

hich took place on October 1st, 2004, according to the majority of reporters and "undecided voters" John Kerry was deemed the winner. However a fair amount of articles and a large amount of "undecided ... The campaign now begins in earnest," said Sen., Ted Kennedy, Kerry's colleague from Massachusetts. "John Kerry took command of the race". The debate seemed to have a lot more focus on Iraq than foreig ...

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Election 2004

veryone's mind as the election approaches. In this essay I will discuss three potential candidates, John Kerry, George W. Bush, and Ralph Nader, and where they stand on different issues. I will also d ... he past 72 years to have a net loss of jobs.Finally, the third and last candidate I will discuss is John Kerry. Kerry is currently the senator of Massachusetts. Kerry served in Vietnam and received th ...

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C-Span View

I went into this debate not really leaning towards either John Kerry or George W. Bush.I wasn't really looking forward to this debate because I went into this ... eally looking forward to this debate because I went into this not knowing very little on how either John Kerry or George Bush felt about certain issues. But before I started to watch I hoped I would b ... make me want to go out an vote for one of them. From the start of the debate I thought both John Kerry and George Bush made some good points on the war. Kerry talked about how war should be a ...

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2004 Election

2 and a popular senator earning re election several terms from 1984-2002 (source 2). Fellow Senator John Edwards earned a law degree at the University of North Carolina in 1977. He later became a Unit ... as though we have "alienated our allies and shown our dependence for Middl Eastern oil." (Source 7) John Kerry argues that invading Iraq was a mistake from the start and in his campaign pushed what ma ...

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doption and abstinence. Overall the ideal that Bush views is to value every life. On the other hand John Kerry is pro-abortion. Kerry resists restrictions on abortions. He feels that the partial-birth ... s any longer. Of the two candidate's, the one that I feel comes closest to the views that I hold is John Kerry. He believes as I do that the choices a woman makes in her life and with her body are sol ...

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A biography of John Kerry and how his controversial stances on moral issues cost him the election.

John Kerry is only the third Catholic to be nominated for the President of the United States of Amer ... ica in our nation's 215-year history. However, unlike his Predecessors, Al Smith and the first JFK, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Kerry's beliefs contradicted with those of his own Catholic Church. These a ... ncy, loosing to the incumbent who reached an accord with much of the nation over these moral issues.John Kerry's background provides the basis for his liberal beliefs and helps us understand how his C ...

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Campaign Finance Reform- An overview and critique of Campaign Finiance as it stands and suggestions to improve the system.

quate; in the 2004 election alone, over a billion dollars was squandered by the combined efforts of John Kerry and George Bush despite the existence of FECA and the McCain-Feingold Bill (a ban on soft ...

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Hail to the Thief.

to your country. From the war with Iraq, to funding for organizations that will better America, to John Kerry, Bush.President Bush is the biggest liar that has ever had the opportunity to disgrace th ...

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their audience to identify their point of view. The first example I found of plain folks is used by John Kerry in his acceptance speech to the Democratic National Convention. The website is http://www ... a boy remembers. He gave me my first model airplane, my first baseball mitt, and my first bicycle." John Kerry is appealing to all Americans that grew up with childhoods. The next example of plain fo ...

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Fallacy Summary and Application

person and not the argument. A perfect example of a personal attack was when President Bush bashed John Kerry on ABC News. President Bush was being told about Kerry's plans for the future of Iraq. Wh ... " (Kerry Responds, 2006). Instead of giving a straight answer, he chose to attack the Democrats and John Kerry. When decision making, people must be aware of the difference between a relevant argument ...

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Speech by John Kerry's Daughter : 2004

In the speech John Kerry's daughter gave at the 2004 National Democratic Convention, she tries to appeal to people ... s a little girl and they went fishing. When her hamster fell into the water, presidential candidate John Kerry tried to save its life. He jumped in the water and went to the extent of giving the hamst ... to mouth resuscitation. She then went on to explain the love her father has for this nation. John Kerry's daughter was trying to persuade others to think of her dad as the ideal presidential ca ...

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Skull and Bones

examples of these men would be ourCurrent president George.W.Bush Jr. and, past Democratic nominee John Kerry. Given theSociety's history as an incubator and meeting point for rising generational eli ...

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