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An politcal arguement of sexual harrasment. Refers to Katha Pollitt's article 'Kissing & Telling'

s everytime someone says the word 'penis.'Another completely bogus thing that Pollitt suggest is if John Leo, who wrote the column on if he would have though it was so cute if the boys had kissed othe ... get back at the ones who annoyed and mistreated her she decided to write this column thinking that Johnathan and De' Andre are just like the ones who angered her. This is the first reason for bias. T ...

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Technology and its advantages"

o wants to have a child but has problems conceiving one (Silver 363).In "When life imitates video," John Leo maintains that violent games reflect recent cruel crimes (360). Because of this, some peopl ... protection and legal restriction.Another advantage of technology is to provide society with safety. John Leo warns the potential problem of modern technology such as video game (359). On the contrary, ...

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