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Title: Gun Control, this essay is about the right to carry concealed weapons for the right of protection.

ding citizens, who have the most fear from citizens being able to defend themselves.Work CitedLott, John. "More Guns, Less Crime." Newsday Inc, 2000.Lott, John. "Do concealed guns deter crime?" The Ka ... ealed guns deter crime?" The Kansas City Star. (2000, March 20):2pp Online. Bricknet. 5-10-00.Lott, John. "Proposition B: More Security or Greater Danger?" St. Louis Post Dispatch(2000, March 21): 3 p ...

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"Disbarments of Dangerous Arms." - Briefly describes why we should ban guns and reaons for banning guns.

r self-defense, but will buying a gun bring about more safety. In the book More Guns, Less Crime by John Lott, his research has found that only 30% percent of all murders were people unknown to the vi ... top Gun Violence 4 February, 2002, John R. "More Guns, Less Crime". Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1998.

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An Argument for Conceal-and-Carry Gun Laws (with Bibliography)

didn't work, there wouldn't be such a dramatic fall in crimes once they were enacted. According to John R. Lott Jr., professor at Chicago University, author of "More Guns, Less Crime" and co-author w ... rea stated, "that's not many people."Another major argument for the opposition is that many condemn John Lott for his book of statistics saying that he has fabricated or embellished most or all of his ...

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Critical Issue Analysis Paper on Abortion

ón individual de una persona sea en beneficio de la sociedad, ya que los catedráticos John Lott, profesor de leyes en la Universidad de Yale, y el economista australiano, John Whitley, a ...

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Guns Save Lives

rther perpetuates the fear of handguns, putting them in a bad light as an instrument of death. Jeff Johnson examines this theory in his article "The Media's Intentional Bias Against Guns" where he spe ... is article "The Media's Intentional Bias Against Guns" where he speaks of research conducted by Dr. John Lott. In the research Dr. Lott "examines several mainstream media outlets and discovers in one ...

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Capital Punishment

Online] available qa3827/ai n8890027/print?tag=artBody;coll]John Lott's chart shows that capital punishment is a deterrent to murderers. In 1973-1980, the homic ... de victims. This chart represents 78 lives saved for each one of the 256 executions since 1980. [2: John R. Lott and Jr, More Guns, Less Crime: Understanding Crime and Gun-Control Laws, 3rd ed. (Chica ...

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Subjects: Social Science Essays > Controversial Issues > Gun and Weapon Control