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"How to sweep beggars from our streets" by David Marsland

more Victorian approach to tackling the problem of begging mirrors the right realist view on crime. John Major in his 'law and order' debate talked about going 'back to basics' and with a rise in crim ...

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Essay on British PM's Power.

ogether and in a direction decided by the PM. This instrument of power is something the previous PM John Major was not able to introduce let alone exercise. This may be due to the fragile majority he ... power' inside number 10 which are far more centralised than under previous PM's. For example under John Major the various number 10 units were at odds with one another. It is said a 'Battle of memos' ...

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Do You Consider that the Introduction of the Citizen's Charter/Service First Initiatives Over the Past Decade Have Made Any Improvements to the Law of Public Administration ?

rely on public services in this country." However, there were some formidable obstacles to turning John Major's ideas into reality. The Citizen's Charter tends to define the citizen as a customer of ...

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What do the premierships of John Major and Tony Blair reveal about Prime Ministerial power?

When one is considering the impact that both John Major and Tony Blair have had upon the role of Prime Minister and therefore the power related t ... gnised as a key problem for the British Conservative party of late, predominantly since the time of John Major's term in office. Major ascended to power after the defeat of Margaret Thatcher in a lead ... power slightly longer than Major was that he is instantly the more powerful PM.As previously noted, John Major ascended to power in a Conservative leadership race against the incumbent Thatcher, a for ...

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Examine the contention that urban policy should focus on places rather than people.

economic focus, and she concentrated on the place rather than the people. It wasn't until 1990 when John Major took over, that the policy changed again to a hybrid of the periods of urban policy. He i ... however British cities were as is as much of a state as they had been ten years previously. In 1990 John Major took over from Thatcher and learnt from her mistakes. Instead of continuing her mistakes ...

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Compartment Car By Hayley Walker This piece of text is based on the picture "Compartment car" by Edward Hopper. I used his picture to depict a story of the girl in the compartment.

I would be blessed if those two weeks were the entirety of my life. I was first sent there to meet John; six foot two, dark brown hair and my brother. This was new information to me at that time and ... "Look, if you're a saleswoman…" she obviously noticed my suitcase. "I'm not. I'm here to see John, John Major? Does he live here?" I feel my fist clench tighter and a bead of sweat trickle down ...

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To What Extent Do The Media Encourage Leadership Voting?

resence of Prime Ministers on television which started during the 1980's and actually peaked during John Major's premiership despite the fact that he was seen by the public and press as a 'grey man in ...

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