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Titled Antitrust Lawsuits, Monopolies, and Anticompetitive Business Practices in Today's Economy.

July of 1890, the Sherman Antitrust was passed by the U.S. Congress through the efforts of Senator John Sherman of Ohio. That act is the basic federal enactment that regulates the operations of corpo ...

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Things that amounted American Revolution

lowed and this angered the North because they considered it to be their land. In Document B Senator John Sherman, wanted every policy in the country national. Senator stated that if we were dependent ...

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James A Garfield

I became involved in the presidential campaign of 1880. I was supporting Secretary of the Treasury, John Sherman, another Ohioan, and was head of his state's delegation and manager of the Sherman camp ...

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Second revolution reconstruction

d many issues to take care off even with the end of the war. One issue was the new banking. Senator John Sherman felt that the country was not nationalize. He felt that America would prosper more if i ...

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