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Short story based on the song "Crazy Game of Poker" by OAR.

they first saw him, but my fear soon subsided and the evil looking figure seemed like a clown."Hey Johnny!" I called to him.He looked very uncomfortable when I shouted out his name. He likes to gain ... ith most of his chain, knife, and gun collection on display. The thing you have to understand about Johnny is that he only looks like he just came back from killing thirteen people. The truth is that ...

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The Polotics Of Drug Use

to her trailer. When I opened the door and saw her panicking, I noticed a trail of hair leading to Johnny, the fire-eater's, trailer. I threw open his door and saw him with a familiar looking taupe.A ... o embarrassed to go out in public. So he sneaked out to her trailer and "snip, snip". I fired Johnny for doing such a horrible thing to one of my employees, and I also made him apologize to her. ...

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Pay For Play In The NCAA

for decades and recent allegations against players like Cam Newton, Reggie Bush, Terrell Pryor, and Johnny Manziel come to mind, but the reality is that there are many schemes that haven't been leaked ... lap a five game suspension to Terrell Pryor for his "improper" handling of the merchandise. Lastly, Johnny Manziel, star, Heisman Trophy winning Texas A&M quarterback, was suspended for selling hi ...

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