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Learning Through Computer Interaction. Speaks of the implications that human-computer interaction has on learning

gyPublications, 1993.Hawkridge, David. New Information Technology in Education.Baltimore, Maryland: Johns Hopkins University Press,1983.Percival, Fred, and Ellington, Henry. A Handbook ofEducational T ...

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Clinical depression: The role of genetics

ves of General Psychiatry 1996;53:pps.129-136.Mondimore, Dr. Francis, Depression:The Mood Disorder. Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, MD, Oct 1995.Nierenberg, Danielle, "Mental health often o ...

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Life-Heralding and Life-Extending Technologies

: University of California Press, pg. 2Shryock, R. (1966). Medicine in American History. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, pg. 315-321.Sullivan, W. (1999). What Is Left of Professionalism aft ...

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Community and Pets

. And May, Connie L. “The Mold Survial Guide for your home and Your Health”. Published by Johns Hopkins University Press. Copyright: 2004P.E.I. Humane Society Online Dog Exercise and Educati ... Advisory Service. Copyright: 1991PETA People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals. Founded in 1991.Johnson, Karen. Lewellen, John & Laura.National Pet Alliance. Copyright: 1993.Best Friends Network. Copyright: 2007.

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Essay on Contemporary Urban Regeneration Strategies

ice and Research, 18:293-306, (2003)Zukin, S., "Loft Living: Culture and Capital and Urban Change", Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, MD, (1982)developing into the most popular areas (Shaw et ... paces", Routledge, LONDON, (1995)20.Zukin, S., "Loft Living: Culture and Capital and Urban Change", Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, MD, (1982)

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The infrequency of flight from an evolutionary perspective

emsp;ResourcesAlexander, D. 2002, Nature's Flyers : Birds, Insects, and the Biomechanics of Flight, Johns Hopkins University Press, Maryland.Dudley, R. 2000, The Biomechanics of Insect Flight: Form, F ...

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SOCI 40 Essay Assignment

hey Call it Poor Health for a Reason. Pp. 42-72 in Health Disparities in the US. Baltimore, MD: The Johns Hopkins University Press.LaVeist, Thomas A. 2005. "Chapter 4: The Epidemiological Profile of R ...

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