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Reflection Questions about the novel "My Brother Sam is Dead"

ats' (p21) which Sam hasn't. He is telling his son how terrible a war is and trying to make him not join the army. He is also telling him that he shouldn't risk his life on anything like his principle ... thinks he's going to teach us a lesson. But we're going to teach him one" (p35)He's telling Tim to join in his side and make him help the Rebel army.d. How is Sam's comment an argument for war?Sam's ...

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How does war change society and politics?

ory also focuses on the lives of Baumer's comrades. They all begin by patriotically marching off to join the army. However, their visions of the glories of war are soon swept away with horror as true ...

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Maurice "the rocket" Richard.

ried Lucille Norchat, the sister of a good friend. Also during those injuries he attempted twice to join the army, he was turned downed both those times because of those injuries.In 1943-44 season it ...

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This essay is about the significate rise in women employment

In mid-1915 men started to join the army and needed somebody to take over their jobs while they was away and the only people to ... somebody to take over their jobs while they was away and the only people to do this was woman. Men joined the armed forces in mid-1915 because a great deal of posters was becoming more direct, so men ... wkward questions from their family in the future if they did not sign up. A further reason for them joining up was that government used women to put pressure on them. They used slogans such as 'Women ...

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"In What ways and to what extent were the lives of the British people affected by the first world war?"

ut being forced to help with the war. Patriotism played a big part in getting people to voluntarily join the army. " in source a1 it says men felt a genuine pride and patriotism." This was at the begi ... s at the beginning of recruitment, it was fairly successful as by 1916 two million five hundred had joined. People volunteered for many reasons some being propaganda which was widely spread at this ti ...

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This 1 page biography is about Adolf Hitler and his rise of power in a political and personal standpoint...

emy of Fine Arts, but was rejected. In 1914, World War I began, and he instead accepted the call to join the army. He served in the Bavarian Sixteenth Regiment on the western front. For his show of br ... ember 1937. In March 1938, he attached Austria to German territory. Before long, Britain and France joined Italy in signing the Sudetenland over to Germany at the Munich Conference. German troops comp ...

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Source question

ational moral support. The source also states that the British culture "does not expect" its men to join the army but concedes that the German culture does. This is why British propaganda was mainly a ...

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Outline in detail the role and impact of three organisations that women were heavily involved in during world war one.

on moving through their help in manning the transport system.With so many young men volunteering to join the army, and with so many casualties in Europe, a gap was created in employment and women were ... r the agricultural trade while then men were away at war. With the growing numbers of men that were joining the British Armed Forces labour was short. The women had to become more heavily involved wit ...

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World war one and its aftermath

1914 and 1918.Many people were enthusiastic about war when fighting began. While men rushed off to join the army, civilians who stayed at home were infected by war fever. Crowds in every country wave ...

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How the fortress of our Holland had virtually collapsed?

virtually collapsed?It was the year 1934, I was a adolescent chap, at the time just 16 years old, I joined the "Royall Hollands Vloot" (The Royal Dutch Army), after leaving school early not allowing m ... ld never be able to live without a household income, this brought on my decision to take a risk and join the army who agreed to pay me enough to support my parents, and I, even though I was a high sch ...

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Critical Analysis of the works of Edgar Allen Poe

bitter quarrels between the two.When Poe was about seventeen years old, he left home and decided to join the Army. Poe had already begun writing poetry by this point and was lucky enough to have had a ...

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Satire: Script of the TV series 'CNNNN'

.. ahem... but that's beside the point. The point is, terrorism is bad, so if you are 18 and above, join the army. It's an experience of a lifetime. You'll see the world. Travel to Iraq and if you don ... ering is all for your safety, don't we feel special.Chris: Yep, and remember if you want to join in the fun, enlist in the army. It will be great fun and an experience of a lifetime and you wi ...

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The rise of Hitler.

eign people and Jewish people. In 1913 Hitler left Vienna and settled in Munich there he decided to join the army, Hitler got awarded many awards for his bravery. He worked as a V man in the army; he ... for his bravery. He worked as a V man in the army; he was a spy for the German army. In 1919 Hitler joined a party called the German workers party. He joined the German workers party because he liked ...

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Us economy compared to the millitary, healthcare profession

ve the changes is crucial. When I was a young man I was faced with exact decision, my choice was to join the Army. The military although not for everyone is a large corporation with many positions, lo ...

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Assess the Impact of WW1 on British women during the period 1914 - 1921'

en were used extensively in Propaganda schemes run by the Government as a means to encourage men to join the army. Although the end of the war saw most women return to their traditional roles, the con ... aced however which resulted in an extensive gap in employment and, as a means to encourage women to join the labour force, the Defense of the Realm Act (DORA) offered women equal rights and pay. Women ...

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Emperor Julius Caesar: His Rise to Power

for Romans of noble birth. At the age of fourteen Julius escaped the slums of Rome by signing up to join the army as a meretrix (someone who provided assistance to the soldiers). After saving his mone ...

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Sam Hughes and how he connects to Canadian soverinety, unity, identiity.

his caused unnecessary Canadian casualties.Canadian Unity:- Since Sam Hughes encouraged many men to join the army, he carried the burden of splitting families apart. Most never saw their sons, husband ...

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Literary Review of "Fallen Angels" with citations and quotes from the book.

1968.The novel begins in 1967 with Richie Perry; a seventeen year old, black, high-school graduate joining the army. He decides to join the army because his mother cannot afford to send him to colleg ... internal battle with himself throughout the rest of the novel. He struggles to find his motives for joining the army. One day during a mission, Peewee and Richie hid in a hole overnight near an enemy ...

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The Emperor Caesar.

for Romans of noble birth. At the age of fourteen Julius escaped the slums of Rome by signing up to join the army as a meretrix, someone who provided assistance to the soldiers. After saving his money ...

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Prejudice and Diversity in "Gallipoli" directed by Peter Weir starring Mark Lee and Mel Gibson.

"Gallipoli" is a story about two young men who sign up to join the ANZAC or Australian and New Zealand Army Corps during WWI. Both are runners but from a diff ... ir money. After meeting after a race they decide to travel together to Perth, only Archie wishes to join the army at first but Frank decides to after seeing what kind of respect he'll be given if he d ... ances during the first part of the movie. Archie and Frank's friends influence him to bandwagon and join up. Archie believes it's his patriotic duty to join up, since he has been told that by others. ...

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