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Expository Essay - The Old Man and the Sea

Everyone has an arch enemy. Batman had the Joker, Superman had Lex Luthor. But without their enemies, they would be unimportant, just like anyo ...

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The Women of Full Metal Jacket.

killed provides a more human and softer face than some of the soldiers had previously experienced. Joker in particular seems horrified by the facts of war once he is able to see the female sniper up ... after she has been shot down. While some of the other soldiers are in favor of letting her suffer, Joker wants to effectively euthanize her. However, even when he makes the decision to shoot her one ...

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Theater review of Art .... my reflection

certain persona so they will feel accepted in the eyes of their peers. For example, Yvan being the joker, but yet going home feeling lonely and Marc the authoritarian who needs constant reassurance t ...

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Vietnam Soldiers

ese marines did not want to show their fear to anyone because it would make them look weak. Private Joker was someone who was terrified of war, but did not want to show it to anyone else. Private Pyle ... yone else. Private Pyle represented the fear and anxiety in all of the soldiers in the war. Private Joker felt the same fear in Pyle and tried to help Pyle and himself overcome the fear. Joker did not ...

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Mercutio's Characteristics

Mercutio can make jokes at the worst of times, he is also a brave and loyal friend.Mercutio is the joker within the play. For example: when Tybalt asks if he consorts with Romeo, Mercutio if picks up ... ro would) "..... here's that will make you dance. Zounds Consort." Mercutio also shows that he is a joker(when he is dying) by making a joke. One can see how Mercutio can be a joker, even at the worst ...

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Answers the question "Why War?"

hem to fight, and fight they did. Now, many of the recruits did not want to go and fight, take Pvt. Joker for example, he wore a peace symbol on his hat, and killed on the battlefield. He beat up Pvt. ...

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Using Boal's theories.

ted to explore, one of the women suggested that we form images of 'sexual harassment'.Acting as the Joker I first of all I asked the woman to construct an image of what she viewed the theme of sexual ... t performance, when all the audience was seated and attentive; I explained that I was the impartial Joker and that any time anyone waned to try and break the oppression, they could feel free to yell ' ...

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Film Noir and German Expressionism in: "Batman" and "Citizen Kane"

shows muscles that are very chiseled and defined. He also knows how to treat a woman with respect. Joker, however, is a man who is fearless and thinks that he is powerful, but actually his men are fi ... ks that he is powerful, but actually his men are fighting the battles for him, which is a weakness. Joker also does not treat woman with the respect that they deserve.The film "Citizen Kane" treats ma ...

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"Romeo and Juliet"- Explore Shakespeare's presentation of act 3 scene 1 as a turning point in the play.

s obvious tension is brewing and Mercutio refuses to leave. Shakespeare has presented Mercutio as a joker earlier in the play; he is always laughing and teasing the others. He seems to have quite a lo ...

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Castle Rock As A Symbol

ilized society, and live without rules. It represent the place and gathering of evil, much like the Joker has his hideout, along with the rest of the villains, and real life criminals have their hideo ...

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You Can't Hack It Little Girl

s constantly verbally and physically insulted by the drill instructor, Gunnery Sgt. Hartman. Joker, the Pvt. Squad leader, takes it upon himself to become a maternal help in his life in the Mar ... p up his merits. His psychological break down is obvious to the audience, and his squad, especially Joker who seems obviously concerned when they ready themselves to clean their rifles. Pyle, in a ver ...

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a knife to his neck by someone in the mob, to stay silent. Before that, Mark, the young boy, was a joker and wasn't really serious about anything. The terrible incident between him and the guy in the ...

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A Reflection Of An Observation

ents I interviewed seemed very stereotypical of certain roles that an adolescent can take on (jock, joker, etc.) I don't think that this is a particularly bad thing though it is something that almost ...

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Stanley Kubrick’s film Full Metal Jacket (1987), captures the harsh

film Full Metal Jacket (1987), captures the harsh reality of war through the perspective of Private Joker, a Marine Corp soldier. Based on Gustav Hasford's novel, The Short Timers, Full Metal Jacket c ... "lean mean killing machines". The path of the creation of the soldier is focused on Private Joker (Private J.T. Davis). He transforms from a naïve boy into a more hardy, focused man. As t ...

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A Hero

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Jimi Hendrix

oth versions of the song, Hendrix’s and Dylan’s, there is two main characters involved, a joker and a thief. “Internal Dialogue” of the artist is what some think is the point of th ... nter of the song.” (Zak 632). The song beginsThere must be some kind of wayOut of hereSaid the joker to the thiefThere’s too much confusionI can’t get no reliefThe lyrics state that the ...

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Analyses of Christmas

potato is so nutrious and they eat it because of this. Additionally, he thinks that his father is a joker and because of this he behaves as if he was surprised when he see the soup coming.Then the cli ...

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Tracing The Dark Knight 's Marketing,Promotional, and Distribution Strategies

any new heights in filmmaking. Starring Christian Bale as Batman and Heath Ledger as the Villainous Joker, the movie traces Batman's footsteps in Gothom city as he sets out to defeat crime and combat ... goose chase that sent fans to various locations around the world in order to complete tasks for the Joker who played the antagonist in the movie. Starting with just one random website and a few fans, ...

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The Joker

The identity and the psychological profileof the Joker in "The Dark Knight""The Dark Knight" is a British - American film directed and produced by Ch ... itish - American film directed and produced by Christopher Nolan. His source of inspiration was the Joker's comic book made in 1940, the graphic novel known as "The killing Joke" made in 1988 and "The ... ers were played by Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne, Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent, Heath Ledger as the Joker and Gary Oldman as Gordon. The Joker is a fictional character, a criminal mastermind who terro ...

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Wolf Larsen vs The Joker

story The Sea Wolf by Jack London and The Dark Knight by Christopher Nolan there are two characters Joker and Wolf Larsen who are both ubermenschs. Their views intersect because how they think about r ... hey think about regular people that cling to their morals and values are pointless. Wolf Larson and Joker, both are evil people in their stories and they are both in a way an ubermensch because of how ...

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