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Gun Control, Press Control

ational Rifle Association member, Bill Clede. In his article 'Gun Control, Press Control', he warns journalists about the hidden dangers associated with gun control.When dealing with the interpretatio ...

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Summary of Joseph Stalin in power.

n newspapers and displayed on posters everywhere.The attack on Trotsky continued. Stalin encouraged journalists to criticize Trotsky whenever possible. According to the media, he was no Leninist (Stal ...

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Computer Crime, on the increase in many areas: hackers, hardware theft, software piracy and the information highway.

and the information highway. This information is gathered from expert sources such as researchers, journalists, and others involved in the field.Computer crimes are often heard a lot about in the new ...

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The publics right to know. The Constitutional responsibility of the press.

s, question and challenge the actions of our government and of our public and private institutions. Journalists hold the right to verbalize unpopular opinions and the privilege to consent with the maj ... date the press would have the option to follow up a story on the matter.The Society of Professional Journalists must operate under a code of ethics. This code summed up in a few sentences states that ...

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by a claque of blackshirted Fascist Party functionaries, a small army of body guards and a train of journalists and photographers convincing his people to follow him and create a new Italian empire. ...

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The Press and Media's effect on Early American Presidential Elections

ts. People are often misled with half-truths and believable rumorsthat can aid or ruin an election. Journalists and the newspapers often print things toohastily, without first investigating the truth ... 1984). He also was known as the 'RedFox,' (Wilson 1984) as the press sometimes called him, because journalists already werewell aware of Van Buren's special talents as a master manipulator. More than ...

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mes. Since the epidemic was first identified in 1981, scientists, physicians, public officials, and journalists have frequently raised historical questions. Most often these questions have been about ...

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ish. The press in the eighteenth century was accurate and informative with little competition among journalists. But today in the 21st Century, the circumstances are different and the stakes are highe ... umstances are different and the stakes are higher. As a result of incredibly high competition among journalists today, the information is usually exaggerated and slanderous in order to capture an audi ...

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The Responsibility of Journalists to accuracy and ethical principles.

RESPONSIBILITY OF JOURNALISTSThe Encarta Encyclopedia defines journalism as "the gathering, evaluating, and publishing ... l contact (Baran 46). As conveyors of information regarding political and social issues of the day, journalists provide people with the information they need to be free and self-governing (Kovach IV). ... lf-governing (Kovach IV). As employees of the corporations that publish or broadcast their stories, journalists also face demands for production and deadlines in a corporate culture that pushes to be ...

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This essay fully analyizes the famous article by Red Smith, "Social and Slightly Revolting".

intelligence and background information on baseball to successfully become one of the best baseball journalists ever. In his article, Social and Slightly Revolting, we see his writing and baseball kno ...

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Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS).

ged the global medical communities awareness of the growing severity of the problem. Physicians and journalists were silenced. One physician was quoted as saying, "we were told to keep our mouths shut ...

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Ramped Ignorance.

surprised whenever well-paid researchers draw the proper conclusions from their social "data," and journalists, in turn, relay this information to the public without the usual bias. But still, after ...

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Freedom of the press, globalization, public diplomacy and current events.

negative reports on the government will result in censorship, shutting down publications or jailing journalists. A key example of the Authoritarian system is the strict governmental control of the pre ... rnalist's newspapers. In 2002, the Algerian and Jordanian governments applied legislation to attack journalists who reported on government corruption, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists ...

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In Search of the American Cowboy.

is evidence of myth-making in both presentations.LITERATUREAs early as the 1850s and 1860s, eastern journalists and dime novels began shaping America's cowboy mythology. Literature portrayed the West ...

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Why is privacy probably one of the most difficult ethical area for journalists to define?

Why is privacy probably the most important and difficult ethical area for journalists to define?Ethical principals are hard to define because moral judgements are essentially ... re essentially the decision of each individual. Broadly defined ethical codes may be useful to some journalists but responsibility falls on personal conscience.Also, Frost tells us:"There are too many ... other cause for breach of privacy:"Everyone has the right to freedom of expression."This means that journalists are allowed to express opinions on other people's lives. This includes reporting on the ...

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News Media - The Essence of A News Organisation

Time of great change brought on by technology - redefining journalists role and news organisations products"h 'We are living in the "late age of print," as new ... s programmes."h Librarians: redefining our roleResearch"h Develop a collaborative relationship with journalists. Find out what they're planning in terms of new media ventures and get in there from the ... sted research) element to newsgathering and reporting by providing access to databases and training journalists in how to use spreadsheets and the internet. New products and customers get involved in ...

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India in the Post-Colonial Era

the end of the 19th century. As the more educated citizens of India, mostly lawyers, teachers, and journalists, started studying the theories of Western democracy, more and more became convinced that ...

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Jack London, Darwinism in Jack London, A Zoom On "Law of Life"

philosophical in nature and anti-thetical to the London "myth" (intentional or not) created by many journalists and biographers.At this point, no doubtly ,one must accept that there was an absolut nat ...

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What is Freedom and its Significance?

So, what is freedom and what makes it significant? Philosophers, presidents, journalists, and normal everyday citizens have argued the definition of this word, freedom, througho ...

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To Tell the Truth

vidence was either ignored or played down.But it's not just Iraq, and it's not just The Times. Many journalists seem to be having regrets about the broader context in which Iraq coverage was embedded: ... ism of the commander in chief.Another answer is the tyranny of evenhandedness. Moderate and liberal journalists, both reporters and commentators, often bend over backward to say nice things about cons ...

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