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Zen in the Influence of Zen Buddhism on Samurai warriors

y Zen including art, literature, and specific ceremonies such as the one concerning tea. During the Kamakura period of Japan, another area of culture began to be affected by Zen; the martial arts of t ...

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Japan History

1185. After assuming the rank of shōgun (military leader), Minamoto Yoritomo set up his HQ in Kamakura, while the emperor remained the nominal ruler in Kyoto. This was the beginning of a long pe ... l power was restored in 1868.The feudal centuries can be clunkily split into five main periods. The Kamakura Period (1185-1333) saw repeated invasions by Kublai Khan's Mongol armies. Japan managed to ...

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Compare and contrast of Vajrayaksa and Iret-iruw Statues

ompare and contrast two statues of different time periods. The first statue is Vajrayaksa, from the Kamakura period. This small sculpture made of wood and dates back to 1185 in Japan. The second sculp ...

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Japnese art before 1392

ndala: Heian period, late 9th century ce. Hanging ScrollDetail of Night Attack on the Sanjo Palace: Kamakura period, late 13th century ce. HandscrollIn Japan, when an emperor died, large chamber tombs ...

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The law of Japan

nto a model. A law older than the law of today's Japan, for example, the law of the Edo period, the Kamakura period, or a legal codes of the Nara and Heian eras time, is not used today. There is nothi ... Code. It was made in 701. This system of the Ritsuryo legal codes was used being improved until the Kamakura government was founded. Since population increased and fields became insufficient, the gove ...

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Buddhist Art in Japan

The Amida sect of Buddhism provided the basis for many artworks, such as the bronze Great Buddha at Kamakura in the thirteenth century. Many of the great artists during this Kamakura period were Buddh ... e most beautiful artworks in Japan. One of the greatest was the bronze Amida image of the Buddha at Kamakura built in 1252, which "owes its inspiration directly to Buddhism and is simply Chinese and H ...

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Medieval Japanese Culture

centuries which is considered the time of disintegration and warfare. Most historians consider the Kamakura period (1185-1333) the dawn of medieval Japan. This period marks the transition to land-bas ...

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