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A Road Less Traveled.

te yet to come. (You wouldn't believe it, however for some reason Marvin Hall, at the University of Kansas, could have, for all intents and purposes, been the center of the sun, even in the middle of ... short stint at KU.When I was twelve, my father was transferred with his business from St. Louis to Kansas City. Losing all my friends, my home, and everything I knew up until then to move to a "hick" ...

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Eminem: Rap's Bad Boy? Who is a modern day role model for the youth of the 21st century?

ers III, October 17th, 1972, as a child he spent most of his time moving back and forth between the Kansas City and the Detroit metropolitan area. A fan of rap music ever since a child, he began perfo ...

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K.C. Public Transit System Needs Improvement this essay is about the poor public transit system kansas city has. It also offers some insight towards possible solutions to the problem.

Kansas City has, in the past, not been afraid to spend money on the development of public transporta ... the past, not been afraid to spend money on the development of public transportation. Recently, The Kansas City metropolitan area citizens have decided that their money should be spent elsewhere. " Ei ... (Owen 4). This causes the bus system to fail miserably because many people no longer ride the bus. Kansas City needs to come together to restore and improve the public transportation system for a bet ...

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Buses: Part 1

currently living there. I had just quit my job at a local fast food restaurant, and was fed up with Kansas City. As an alibi, I told my dad I would be spending the night at my friend Jamey's house, an ...

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Buses: Part 2

g couple. A pretty blonde around 20 or so and a lanky white man with a blue jump suit, and sideways Kansas City Royal's baseball hat, who was about the same age. I could see half a crypt gang tattoo o ... in front of the monitors and along the wall.I went directly up to the desk to buy a ticket back to Kansas City. I was tired, in the wrong city and didn't have enough for money for two more bus ticket ...

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Buses: Part 4

my seat and they went to theirs; they continued being obnoxious and I fell asleep. I woke up in the Kansas City greyhound station parking lot at 12:30, bid them adieu, and got off the bus.The waiting ... ed with her troubled father and stepmother for most of her life in Shawnee Mission, KS, a suburb of Kansas City. At first we went to school together at the Kansas City Academy of Learning. KCA was an ...

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Buses: Part 6

alked parallel to his finger all the way to the entrance ramp. I started walking hopelessly towards Kansas City as if I might be able to make it there on my own two feet if no one stopped. My hand fel ... , a dark blue F-150 stopped within the first minute. I ran up to it and told the man I was going to Kansas City and got in, forgetting what I told myself earlier about memorizing the moment of seeing ...

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Buses: Part 7 (final)

My cousin John had to leave Kansas City to work in Indianapolis for a few months and he had no connections for weed there. He We ... r my bus. I got on and sat down as the bus pulled out of the station and on to those crazy downtown Kansas City streets.There was a layover in St. Louis and the next bus was two hours late so I had so ... gh the rest of my Sunday, barring a shower, meals, and my one phone call, which I made to my dad in Kansas City. I explained to him what had happened, and asked him to smooth things over with my boss, ...

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Use "The best of times, worst of times" quote in regards to class division on a real American city: Kansas City, Missouri.

The paradox "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times" can be applied to Kansas City in reference to the differences in financial classes. Kansas City has a variety of both ... the lesser financially inclined is stronger than that of Johnson County residents. Johnson County, Kansas is the epitome of money in the metro. While a good majority of Johnson County residents enjoy ...

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A Midwestern Montage of Magnificence

o unleash its own artistic novelty at the intersection 45th St. and Rockhill Rd. There, lies one of Kansas City's most revered buildings. It is a building that contains not only history, but also cont ... sides over the structure. It is a 232,000 square-foot art museum built especially for the people of Kansas City. Opening its doors to the public on December 11, 1933, it sits on the site of William Ro ...

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egulators already have. Michael Mansur.Full Text: COPYRIGHT 1999 Knight-Ridder/Tribune News Service KANSAS CITY, Mo. _ A federal appeals court has ruled that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency c ... Washington. ``It creates doubt whether EPA can assist states in enforcing hazardous-waste cases.'' Kansas City lawyer Terry Satterlee, who represented Harmon in the litigation, said some lawyers are ...

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ew facility near Milwaukee, which manufactures engines and transmissions and finished a facility in Kansas City, which produces all six models of Sportsters, Harley's 833cc and 1200cc bikes. Chairman ...

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Baseball Strike

meetings, there is feuding as well. Small market clubs such as Montreal, Milwaukee, Cincinnati, and Kansas City, are addressing their needs which conflict the needs of the large market owners. The mai ...

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Bus Stop: Play Review

Todd Siegel 11/15/01 English IIAA Mrs. Noble Bus Stop Review In a small town outside of Kansas City in the 1950s, lies a small, street-corner restaurant called Grace's Diner. The owner of ...

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A Confrontation: The Decision to Keep My Children Safe

10th anniversary. My step-mother had paid for a wonderful weekend getaway at a bed and breakfast in Kansas City, Kansas. My husband and I were scheduled to be out of town for 4 days total. We have thr ...

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Human Rights in China

ions/>."CHINA REBUTS REPORT BY GIVING JOURNALISTS A TOUR OF ORPHANAGE | Deseret News." Salt Lake City and Utah Breaking News, Sports, Entertainment and News Headlines - Deseret News. Web. 27 July 2 ... html>."CHINESE REPORT COUNTERS CLAIMS OF ABUSE, NEGLECT IN ORPHANAGES | Deseret News." Salt Lake City and Utah Breaking News, Sports, Entertainment and News Headlines - Deseret News. Web. 27 July 2 ...

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