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Pakistan/Research paper outlining general information on the country. Got an A on it.

kistan" 1). He received this name by taking parts of the subcontinent names such as Punjab, Afghan, Kashmir, Sind, and Baluchistan (1). "Pak" means "pure" in Urdu, and "stan" means "land" in Urdu" (1) ... area of 796,095 sq km, which barely makes it larger then Texas ("Pakistanis" 1). This area excludes Kashmir and Jammu (1). In the south, Pakistan is bordered by the coastline of the Arabian Sea (1). I ...

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"Religious Wars of India" looks at the wars in Kashmir and Ayodhya between India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. It is written in an argumentative style with an emphasis on new compromises.

antly a land of Hindus? No, the reasons are more political than religious!It's hard to imagine that Kashmir, one of the most beautiful places in South Asia, inhabited by a peaceful population, can bec ... ful population, can become the bone of contention between the two countries. There is no doubt that Kashmir became a "disputed territory" only because arrogant politicians tried to divide the region o ...

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"Enlightenment of the Buddha" Critical Analysis

of Pataliputra. . Kanishka is mostly remembered for convening the fourth great Buddhist council in Kashmir, which was organized by Ashvaghosha; this marked the beginning of pantheistic Mahayana Buddh ...

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India and Pakistan: a modern history of the antagonistic relationship between nuclear neighbors and what it could mean for the future of the free world.

tries' nuclear arsenals as well as the increase in insurgent movements in the disputed territory of Kashmir, it has now escalated to a point where the security of not only South Asia but also the enti ... tors. I propose that the United Nations Security Council enforce a plebiscite to decide the fate of Kashmir, which will defuse the immediate dangers of the militant groups' actions. The UN should also ...

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Terrorism and efforts to fight it.

mber of terrorist attacks. People seeking independence like the Palestinians in the Middle East and Kashmir in South East Asia are examples of why terrorism exists.The unlawful use or threatened use o ... ded on 31 December 1999 when the Indian Government released from prison three individuals linked to Kashmiri militant groups in return for the release of the passengers aboard the aircraft. The hijack ...

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India and Pakistan Conflict: How long has it been going on and how it started?

The ongoing confrontation in India and Pakistan started with a fight over the city of Kashmir in India after independence in 1947. These conflicts have been going on for five decades and ... lopment and growth of both countries. Two out of their three wars have been fought over the city of Kashmir, and many battles have ensued over rights for the land and intrusion in military or politica ... Foreign Minister Sartaj Aziz was in New Delhi for talks aimed at ending a military confrontation in Kashmir, as well as refute that six Indian soldiers were abducted and tortured.In 1999 Indian forces ...

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Fighting in Kashmir Revives Rancor in Pakistan and India (Summary)

parate from India where as it was part of India many years ago. Pakistan and India often fight over Kashmir today and it is affecting their trade routs because neither country wants to reopen them. Al ... fighting can cause problems.Once again Pakistan and India are fighting over territory, specifically Kashmir. President Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan spoke back in late September at the United Nations G ...

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The history of Buddha

of Pataliputra. . Kanishka is mostly remembered for convening the fourth great Buddhist council in Kashmir, which was organized by Ashvaghosha; this marked the beginning of pantheistic Mahayana Buddh ...

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Using example, illustrate how conflicts can arise from conflicting senses of place?

e to them, which eventually took over the Maori's (original dwellers) identity. The second place is Kashmir, as the country has been ravaged with conflict for decades and has still not been able to so ...

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War Over Kashmir

Kashmir is a region located in South Asia, bordering Pakistan and India. The disputer over Kashmir s ... , when the British colonies withdrew from South Asia and separted India and Pakistan. (Fighting for Kashmir) Both the countries of Pakistan and India claim that Kashmir should be part of their borders ... India claim that Kashmir should be part of their borders. However, Pakistan has the right to claim Kashmir because of the majority of the religious population, India's violation of the soverignty of ...

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India's Foreign Policy

guistic and religious centrifugal tendencies have challenged the unity of India, be it in Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab or the North-Eastern States. These tendencies, combined with territorial claims of n ...

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An account of the first Indo-Pak War (1947-1948)

princely states with 132,000 square kilometers and a population of more than 14 million), Jammu and Kashmir (with 3 million inhabitants), and Junagadh (with a population of 545,000)--merged with India ... h a population of 545,000)--merged with India.The Hindu maharajah of predominantly Muslim Jammu and Kashmir remained uncommitted until armed tribesmen and regular troops from Pakistan infiltrated his ...

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Emerging Markets: India & Pakistan.

in common. In fact, the differences are quite clear. From an economic standpoint to the conflict in Kashmir, India and Pakistan are two contrasting countries forged of the same steel. This paper aims ... act book: India, 2005). This difference in religion has created regional tensions, most notably the Kashmir conflict. Both countries have skirmished over this contested area; there have been in fact t ...

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The War of 1965: Mission Kashmir.

Kashmir is primarily a Muslim state, however the ruler is Hindu. The dispute between whether Kashmir ... nd the city was turning into a battlefield. The war started because India had occupied the state of Kashmir, which belonged to Pakistan, and Pakistan wanted to get it back, it being a majority Muslim ... rmal once again. India and Pakistan signed an agreement, which was supposed to resolve the issue of Kashmir by negotiations. However, the position of Kashmir is still in conflict today.

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The earthquake that shook the world in Pakistan.

earthquake on Saturday that killed an estimated 20,000 to 40,000 people across Pakistan-controlled Kashmir and adjacent areas. One million people were thought to be left homeless." "This food is need ... quipment. Countless mud-brick villages -- many of them virtually destroyed -- cling to the sides of Kashmir's forested mountains and are difficult to access in the best of times. The quake was centere ...

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Haroun and the sea of stories

s. Haroun accompanies his father to the beautiful Dull Lake which closely resembles the Dal Lake in Kashmir. Having taken residence on one of this lake's famous tourist houseboats, called Arabian Nigh ... s. Haroun accompanies his father to the beautiful Dull Lake which closely resembles the Dal Lake in Kashmir. Having taken residence on one of this lake's famous tourist house boats, called Arabian Nig ...

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Protests in Kashmir India

is India and the major political crisis I will be analyzing are the protests currently occurring in Kashmir. Kashmir is not actually part of India; it is a northwest region between Pakistan, India, an ... ey want the land back and they also want independence from India.This is an important issue because Kashmir has had many issues over the last century, including three wars in 1947, 1965, and 1999. In ...

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19th Century European Imperialism Data Based Essay; Identify and explain the political, economic, and social causes of European imperialism in the 19th century.

gets a similar opportunity. India, on its part suspects that Pakistan is supporting the Muslims of Kashmir and Sikh insurgency in East Punjab in their struggle against the Indian rule. While denying ... y hard- wares and even the water of canals over which Pakistan enjoys historic rights. Then emerged Kashmir issue. The principles which brought freedom to Pakistan, as to India, involved their applica ...

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innovation in india

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Indo-Pakistani Conflict

2� [Type text] [Type text] [Type text] Gill � PAGE �10� The province of Kashmir has remained a point of contention between India and Pakistan resulting in mounting antagoni ... ationalism, the Indo-Pakistani Wars caused by the long-running conflict over the state of Jammu and Kashmir, and the Cold War. The conflict is becoming more alarming due to the fact that both India an ...

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