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An politcal arguement of sexual harrasment. Refers to Katha Pollitt's article 'Kissing & Telling'

InnocenceIn the nation Katha Pollitt argues in her article 'Kissing & Telling' that the media is against liberals, and ...

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Fairy tales

ildren shelves in any bookstore or gift shop, we will discover that only few of them have heroines. Katha Pollitt, a professional media critic and essayist writing for some prestigious newspapers and ...

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The Literature about the Titanic

named The America Songbag entitled "De Titanic" and an essay on the James Cameron film, Titanic by Katha Pollitt entitled "Women and Children First." The literature written at the time of the sinking ... use the "Titanic" actually sunk on April 14.Lastly, an essay on the James Cameron film "Titanic" by Katha Pollitt entitled "Women and Children First" was about how unreal the move seemed in her point ...

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Studies Fail to Prove a Direct Link to Violence in Television Causing Real-Life Violence.

lso more likely to become violent than a rich child living in a peaceful neighborhood. The Nation's Katha Pollitt believes that violence in the media actually reflects the violence in today's society. ...

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Smurfettes, cant smurf with them, cant smurf without them (this essay is about sexism in childrens television, specifically the smurfs)

comes across as she is not worthy of praise.This theory isn't only centered on the Smurf's TV show. Katha Pollitt has written an essay explaining that what she calls "The Smurfette Principle" which dr ...

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It Takes Two: A Modest Proposal for Holding Fathers Equally Accountable

athers Equally AccountableIt takes two human beings to create and bring a new life into this world. Katha Pollitt does agood job at expressing and arguing why it is not the responsibility of the mothe ... ather than preparing for an arrival of the innocent isan act of denial. I agree full heartedly with Katha Pollitt that ?My point is not to demonizemen, but fair?s fair.? This is quite the hasty genera ...

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Nurture has a lot To Do with Gender Roles We Play

roles through observing their parents' behavior. In the article " Why Boys Don't Play With Dolls," Katha Pollitt states, "the working mother who comes home exhausted and nonetheless finds it easier t ...

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