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The Hounted House

is in a pony tail. Erin is ten years old. Erin is going to a Haunted House with her 2 best friends, Katie Web and Jenny Eller.Just then the phone rang 'ring ring'Erin answered the phone.'Hello...Oh go ... .See you in a few minutes. Bye.''Who was it Erin?' her mother asked.'It was Jenny, she said she and Katie were ready. They will be over in a few minutes!' Erin yelled so her mother could hear her.'Din ...

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A Special Day

l by myself in my room doing homework on my sweet 16 birthday.Suddenly the phone rang and my friend Katie asked me if I could over to return a shirt that I had borrowed. I told her that it was late an ... my dad and my sister. "They went out to get something", she said. So then my mom gave me a ride to Katie's house to return her shirt. I was quiet the whole time in the car. When we got there the ligh ...

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The Conflict

s had died down and the only remaining people were my friends Chris and Eric, along with two girls, Katie and Kelly. Thankfully, Chris was never much of a ladies man, so the ratio was even-two guys an ... uch of a ladies man, so the ratio was even-two guys and two girls. But, one of the remaining girls, Katie, was one of our close friend's ex-girlfriend. I had thought many of times to move on my attrac ...

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The Story of Us

f Us, starring Bruce Willis and Michelle Pfeiffer, is the close and humorous examination of Ben and Katie Jordan's marriage. After 15 years, the couple is wrestling with a universal irony: why are the ... riage it is important for both spouses to accept change and to embrace it rather than rejecting it. Katie (Michelle Pfeiffer) was "the designated driver of the marriage." She enjoyed having everything ...

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Nick Hornby - How to be good

ttp://"How to be good" is the story of Katie and David Carr and their problems in their marriage. Katie Carr is a general practitioner, a j ... verybody. Moreover he is writing a satiric book which should be called "The Green Keepers". Because Katie can't bear her fat and grumpy husband any more, she starts an affair with Stephen, what gives ...

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Protagonist Comparison of novels A tree grows in Brooklyn and Farewell to Manzanar

two girls' lives. Jeanne and Francies' mothers are the backbones of their families'. In the novels, Katie Nolan and Mama Watkatsuki work as hard as they can to provide a decent life for their families ... r the key to success.The route to a mature life for the characters begins with the mothers. Mothers Katie Nolan and Jeanne Watkatsuki work to death to give their children the necessities they need to ...

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A Time of Healing.

We were only ten years old at the time. Katie and I were only little kids. My older sister Laurie and Kevin had only been married a couple o ... y older sister Laurie and Kevin had only been married a couple of years. Whenever Kevin was around, Katie was sure to follow. In my eyes, she loved him like an older brother she never had. In Katie's ... me man asking for my mom. My mom talked to him for a few minutes and then hung up. She told me that Katie had been caught shoplifting. Here we were, fourteen years old and Katie got caught stealing so ...

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Sorry Right

The book that I read is called Number written by Stephen King. The story starts in Bill and Katie's house. Katie is talking to Lois and Katie's other line is blinking. And she answers it she h ... sband died of a heart attack masterly in front of there TV while watching a movie he writ. Later on Katie was going to get married to Dennis. The day before they were going to get married she was havi ...

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A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith

e in the early 1900's and to be a immigrant. The book follows Francie, her two siblings, her mother Katie and her sisters, and her drunken father. The book revolves around the growing and hardships th ... is a foreshadowing of Francie's life in Brooklyn.Francie, the main character, lives with her mother Katie Nolan, her father Johnny Nolan, and her brother Neely. All of these characters play a huge par ...

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Hi, my name is Katie Hughes and this is my friend

It was a dreary rainy afternoon; Kristen and Katie were over at my house playing when Katie broke the bad news to us. She told us that her mom wa ... have been best friends and neighbors since we were babies and we were not going to be separated now.Katie's parents found the perfect house across town that they thought would be big enough for their ... house, a house down the street. If the Stuart's house went up for sale they would definitely buy it.Katie and I were so upset. We kept on begging Katie's parents to talk to the Stuart's about selling ...

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Im Scurrred

. "We'll just stop at a hotel or something, don't worry about it sweetie," Jeff's girlfriend Katie said calming him down. As Jeff and Katie drove through lighting and thunder, they spott ... ally found the hotel. They suspiciously walked to the dark and deserted entrance."This is strange," Katie declared with a frightened voice. "You see that old house down there?" Jeff pointed "We ...

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The Kiss

The Kiss It was a beautiful summer day, as they walked out of the house Rachel asked, " Hey Katie, where are we walking to anyway?" Katie said, " To my friend Josh's house; him and a couple of ... em on the side of the road. A tall, brown haired teenage boy opened the door and started talking to Katie, but Rachel wasn't listening to what they were saying for she was to busy gawking at the drive ...

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One Scary Night

As Katie sat in Mr. Thompson's class, she couldn't keep her mind on Algebra. The thought of the night's ... her mind on Algebra. The thought of the night's events sent chills up and down her spine. All week Katie and her friends had been planning for tonight, Halloween. A few other kids and they would be c ... small animals. For so long, kids have talked about going, but no one ever had. The thought haunting Katie's mind was that she would be there tonight.The final bell rang and awakened Matt who had been ...

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Fair is foul, and foul is fair.

ing I cant believe how much it has bugged me that I nearly resorted to committing a serious crime," Katie says quietly to herself as Matthew listen in rudely. Yes, he knows it's rude but he just wante ... y. Yes, he knows it's rude but he just wanted to know if they're on the same wavelength. By the way Katie is Matthew's very strongly opinionated girlfriend and both of them have worked themselves up o ...

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Life is Like a Box of Chocolates…or is it?

I can still handle the load and remain on top. Having a steady girlfriend isn't always bad. Katie, my girlfriend of 2 years is not only my girlfriend, she is my best friend. Throughout all of ... p, but it also helps. As they say "absence makes the heart grow fonder." I know that I will be with Katie for the rest of my life, so I know that when I have opportunities that I want to take up, I do ...

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Paranormal Activity

the plot of the movie, and the length of the film.Paranormal Activity 3 is a horror film starring: Katie Featherston as Katie Rey, Chloe Csengery as young Katie, Sprague Grayden as Kristi Rey, Jessic ... ovies. The movie takes place in California in 1988. It tales a story of two little girls Kristi and Katie Rey, who develop an imaginary friend named Toby not knowing that friend they have made is actu ...

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