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Healthcare in India

pril 1993, the number of malpractice suits filed against doctors has begun to soar. For example, in Kerala, approximately 1800 cases (15% of the total number of cases) have been filed. As Dr. Dipak Ba ...

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Evaluation of Tourism Policy in India Pertaining to Kerala'

als withe the organisations onvolved with tourism development and marketing to India in General and Kerala in specific and issues which the tourism industry faces in Kerala. Tourism is ... oubled from the base level of 1994". This report gives an insight into the Country India, the State Kerala and the tourism organisations involved in the development of tourism in India in general and ...

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Case study: E-governance

he benefits of e-governance and utility services like basicconnectivity to individual households in Kerala. A look at how it wasmanaged in stages. by Akhtar PashaThe state government of Kerala, not on ... ject Akshaya acceptedthis challenge head-on, and brought Internet services to the ruralresidents of Kerala.Infrastructure related to Akshaya has already been deployed in theMalappuram district where 2 ...

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"Comparison and analysis of the tourism development in Republic of Maldives and Kerala using Rose's Theory of Lesson drawing"

2. IntroductionThis report compares the development of tourism industry in Kerala which is in South India and Maldives which is in the Indian Ocean, South west of India. The s ... r various policies for developing the tourism industry. This is followed by a brief introduction of Kerala, their tourist organisations and their various policies for developing the tourism industry. ... the various attractions and the levels of growth of the tourism industry in Maldives in relation to Kerala, which is not as successful as Maldives and by using Rose's theory of lesson drawing to ident ...

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Case study of Kerala and Bangladesh.

The children in Kerala live as long as those in Europe, people in Kerala have managed to conquer hunger and are most ... 400% better chance of survival better than those in Bangladesh. The food is shared more equally in Kerala due to food reforms in food distribution. The price of food was kept low, to do this they use ... e government subsidise the price of food. So people learn the value of it, but can still afford it. Kerala has a communist government meaning they help the people and help them equally.In contrast Ban ...

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Choose a bank of your choice and manage and explain the various types of ratios

he management is working to establish another 70 branches in the other states of India like Punjab, Kerala, Chandigad, Assam, Karnataka etc.The bank also offers 57 ATM centers, personal loans for cars ...

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The God of Small Things

her own, and it makes "The God of Small Things" a real pleasure. Her attention to detail brings the Kerala landscape alive, and is clearly appreciated in her ability to evoke the world of children in ...

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My Work to Get to this Point

a prestigious scholarship to pursue Masters in Economics from the best college in the University of Kerala at Trivandrum, where I joined, aiming to repeat my academic performance of BA. Trivandrum wa ... ming to repeat my academic performance of BA. Trivandrum was the capital city and the University of Kerala attracted the best students from the entire state. It boasted of an enriching campus life wit ...

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Pesticides in kerala - An example of bias in the media Pesticides in Coca Cola ,the impact of scientific researches human health and multinationals

investors are used to strict enforcement of standards. What worries them is arbitrary action (like Kerala's ban) unrelated to clear rules (like notified standards) or conclusive evidence (like govern ... It worries Indian businesses too. » the Economic TimesThe situation has evolved; the court of Kerala (South India) was asked to decide whether to allow the beverage or not in the country, but in ...

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A Safer World - A dream for a society that can deal with sexual harassment openly

It was with great excitement that I moved from Moscow to Kerala, my homeland, 5 years back. To me then, Kerala was a holiday - fun, relatives, amusement park ... sider it their birth right to ogle women on the streets, follow them around, and grope or rape them.Kerala has a sex ratio of 1058 - one of the most favorable in India, whose average is 933. It also p ... number of cases, given the huge stigma associated with being a rape victim. Moving beyond numbers, Kerala is easily the most conservatively dressed states in India, and also the one with the earliest ...

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Globalization: Problems with Population Growth

ewhat steady level. Another example mentioned in the book is female literacy in the Indian state of Kerala. By educating women about overpopulation, family planning and birth control they are empowere ...

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Coca-Cola in India

ing markets.Coca cola landed themselves in hot water in 2006 - 2007, when the minister of Health in Kerala India, �banned the manufacture and sale of the Coca Cola in the region. The central al ... allegation against Coca Cola was the use of water that contained unsafe levels of pesticides in its Kerala bottling plant. Alongside these claims, there were concerns about the plant's water-intense p ...

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mass media and language

ers educated as well as uneducated. This is what exactly quoted by Nagarvalli R S Kurup, one of the Kerala ( India ) prominent broadcaster, " radio language flows from lips to the ears and from there ...

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Queenie from A&P

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A&P Essay

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india is a country of festivals

bserved throughout the country, or in a greater part of it; others, such as the famed snake race of Kerala, have peculiarly regional associations. Yet others, most notably Diwali and Holi, have been i ...

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