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Independent Study Assignment Chemistry (SCHOA1)

l carbonyl functional group; that is, a carbonyl group bonded to at least one H atom. Aldehydes and ketones have lower boiling point and are less soluble in water than alcohols.H \ C = O / R H \ C = O ... taldehydeGlyceraldehyde [optic isomers: (D- and L- form].add table 1 page 51 for both eldahydes and ketonesKetonesKetone is an organic compound characterized by the presence of a carbonyl group bonded ...

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The Aldol Condensation: Synthesis of Dibenzalacetone

h benzaldehyde. The synthesis began by using a strong base to generate the acetone enolate ion. The ketone/enol tautomerization is an equilibrium process that produces little of the enol (ppm or less) ... m yet another enolate. Finally, the enolate lost a hydroxide ion to form an alpha, beta unsaturated ketone. Since the newly formed ketone still possessed alpha hydrogens, it too underwent the same eno ...

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Hypochlorite Oxidation of endo-Borneol to Camphor

chlorite (NaOCl) in acetic acid mixture was used to oxidize emdo-borneol (an alcohol) to camphor (a ketone). The product would then be purified by sublimation and then be analyzed by Infrared spectros ... rine. In the second step, HCl was eliminated via E2 elimination from the alkyl hypochlorite to form ketone. In the first step, Cl+ was added to the alcohol but in the following step Cl- was lost. The ...

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Acylation lab

types of aromatic hydrogens, verifying the para orientation. The IR spectrum displayed a conjugated ketone, verifying the desired product.2. IntroductionThe Friedel- Crafts acylation is an important r ... ct.2. IntroductionThe Friedel- Crafts acylation is an important reaction for "synthesis of aromatic ketones intermediates in the fine chemical and pharmaceutical industry" 1. The reaction installs an ...

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