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A character analysis on Monya Elson from the non fiction book Red Mafiya, by Robert I. Friedman.

What America did not know was three fourths of those immigrants were criminals straight out of the KGB. Where Monya than was forced to leave Russia and welcome America.When arriving to America, he he ...

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The Cold War

ntelligence operations dominating this war have been conducted by theSoviet State Security Service (KGB) and the Central Intelligence Agency(CIA), representing the two power blocs, East and West respe ... s past and present operations, and talk aboutsome of their tools of the trade.Origin of the CIA and KGBThe CIA was a direct result of American intelligence operations duringWorld War II. President Fra ...

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Terrorism as an International Phenomenon

effects of intelligence agencies around the world, with particular interest in the CIA, Mossad, and KGB. This paper will show the various results of failed missions on the international community, exa ... A, and the Russian Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti (Committee of State Security), known as the KGB , had secret campaigns being waged daily in the attempt to reveal various information concerning ...

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Oone of the greatest spies!

or, who became a clergyman and was a cardinal in the Russian Orthodox Church.Then in 1992, a Soviet KGB clerk named Vasili Mitrokhin defected and claimed that one of the U.S. interrogation centers was ... ed and claimed that one of the U.S. interrogation centers was being looted by a spy. He handed over KGB records that showed the stolen American secrets exceeded 80 volumes - 50,000 pages taken over 25 ...

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"Den hvite løvinne" by Henning Mankell

et av Louise Åkerblom mellom leiemorderen og hans russiske våpentrener med bakgrunn fra KGB, fører til slåsskamp mellom de to og afrikaneren mister en finger. Russeren sprenge ...

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Brief essay on Mikhail Gorbachev and his policies

From hereon he is promoted to numerous positions including Minister for Agriculture, to head of thr KGB and was increasingly gaining a reputation as a skilled reformist and technocrat. He finally asce ...

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Assess the Influence of Military and Industrial Manufacturers and Secret Service Organisations

f the Cold War.This can be seen through the actions of the secret services for each superpower; the KGB (USSR), and CIA (USA). It was due to their activities which allowed for the continuation of the ... gainst the enemy. The CIA reacted to this through counter-espionage. They too placed 'moles' in the KGB, and they too spied on the Soviet Union.When these undercover operations were exposed, it served ...

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is his history and his involvements in the Soviet structures that lead many critics to say that the KGB is sitting in the President's chair. Given Putin's fifteen-year voluntary employment in the KGB ... by exploiting his defense and intelligence background. "If a person decides voluntarily to serve in KGB, he's of a certain type of mind"¦. Given his background, he's clearly not an ideological ...

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Rusland zal nooit een democratie kunnen worden

tsarendom zijn lastig te vergeten. Zo is Poetin bijvoorbeeld een officier geweest bij de voormalige KGB en wordt hij verdacht van het muilkorven van de vrije pers en zat Jeltsin zelfs in het Politburo ...

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Barnyard Communism: George Orwell's Animal Farm.

into his own army, which is very similar to Joseph Stalin using his own forceful secret police, the KGB. Another example of this is can be seen in the elder pig, Old Major, coming up with the idea of ... tsky was a well-educated, pure communist who followed Marx until he was chased away by Lenin’s KGB (also used by Stalin). Characterization is, therefore, a major part of Animal Farm.Similarities ...

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Bolshevik's Regime

et police force to buttress their rule. The Communist Party's monopoly on power wasdependent on the KGB's suppression of dissent and opposition, both real and imagined.In the name of protecting the re ... ression of dissent and opposition, both real and imagined.In the name of protecting the regime, the KGB abused the civil and legal rights ofcountless citizens. In many cases, the security police carri ...

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