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        The lights go down and all three bands exit the

The lights go down and all three bands exit the stage. Kid Rock, Run DMC and Aerosmith have just finished performing the most widely embraced song in rock ...

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ink the car looks like a mini-hearse! Passed a long rolling stretch limo while listening to the new Kid Rock song. Wonder if it was Kid Rock and Pamela doing another video! Ha haaa. Finally got to the ... llers. But, because I am in alternative medicine I just could see myself as a traitor! Ha haaa Just kidding. I was peacefully sleep on my sister's couch when her huge cat Chelsea sat right on my face, ...

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Angelica Guzman11/16/2013WRT 95- 08Anti- Intellectualism: Why We Hate Smart KidsDo you consider yourself a "nerd"? In his essay, Grant Penrod, discussed why individuals hate th ... in society to be a "nerd" is most commonly one not to be strived for. This generation of teens and kids have been introduced and exposed to rather the opposite; it is something unimportant or needed. ... , which truthfully states reality. Penrod articulated that celebrities such as; Christina Aguilera, Kid Rock, L. L. Cool J., even the 34th president, George W. Bush were high school dropouts and/ or h ...

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