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A Good Lie

lly, I lie to avoid something bad that will hurt someone or make other people in trouble.I teach my kids early in elementary school not to lie, but sometimes it is necessary for them to lie. For insta ... y school not to lie, but sometimes it is necessary for them to lie. For instance, I used to tell my kids that if s stranger call the house when their mom is out, then just tell them that she is doing ...

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"The Adults Are Always Right?"

ek man? No! The reason, they are two completely different languages. Now although parents and their kids speak the same language, parents don't understand that we tune out of English when we want. If ... t comes out of the mouth of an adult is heard as 'nag.' For example:Adults say: 'clean your room! .'Kids hear: 'nag nag nag!'Adults say: 'Stop watching television.'Kids hear: 'nag nag nag nag nag nag ...

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Three Changes in the American Family in the Last 50 Years.

dergone many changes in the last fifty years. Some of these changes are the things a kid does. Most kids now spend a majority of their time watching TV or sitting at the computer. Another change is th ... nts work and are gone most of the day. Another thing is the time a kid has to become an adult. Most kids don't have to work like they used to. Such as, doing few things around the house, chores, or he ...

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Community Service

ed out something that I knew I was righteous in. That choice was to serve my community at the local kids' daycare called Rainbow Daycare right off of Aviation Street and next to Manhattan Beach Blvd. ... always driven by this location and found it to be rather inexplicable because I had always seen the kids jumping on the fence wanting out of the what seemed to be wearisome place. So upon my first day ...

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good nieghbor

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