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al short form: Ukrayinaformer: Ukrainian Soviet Socialist RepublicDigraph: UPType: republicCapital: Kiev (Kyyiv)Administrative divisions: 24 oblasti (singular - oblast'), 1 autonomous republic* (avtom ... sons'ka (Kherson), Khmel'nyts'ka (Khmel'nyts'kyy), Kirovohrads'ka (Kirovohrad), Kyyiv**, Kyyivs'ka (Kiev),Luhans'ka (Luhans'k), L'vivs'ka (L'viv), Mykolayivs'ka (Mykolayiv), Odes'ka (Odesa), Poltavs'k ...

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Project on the Chernobyl disaster

of the accident, Chernobyl was a city in the Soviet Union. Today it is located in Ukraine, north of Kiev.It was the night of 25th -26th, April 1986 when the Chernobyl accident occurred. The reactor of ... use its workers. Unit 4 began operating in March 1984. It was crucial to the electric power grid at Kiev, Soviet Union's 3rd largest city. On that Friday, when the accident occurred, there was an orde ...

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Ukrainean Culture

Ukrainian national emblem is a golden Trident, which dates back to Rjurik Dynasty, the governors of Kievan Rus.Ukraine is located in the central Europe at the crossroads between Europe and Asia. Ukrai ... y is subdivided into 24 regions (oblasts) and the Crimea - autonomous republic.The capital is Kyiv (Kiev in Russian).The climate is moderately continental and comparatively dry with more than 290 sunn ...

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THe Legacy of Communism in Russia

creating a legacy of today.The legacy of Chernobyl also still lives within Russia near the city of Kiev. Vehicles that go in are still not allowed to go out and people are still being decontaminated. ...

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"The Snow Storm."

Winter. Cold. Freezing cold. Kiev is one of the oldest cities in Ukraine - the capital city. It is huge, like a microcosm ic worl ...

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Downfall of Kievan Rus'

Kievan Rus', similar to other medieval states did not last for long. In my opinion, the major factor ... to other medieval states did not last for long. In my opinion, the major factor in the fall of the Kievan Rus' was contributed to its political structures, in particular, the self-serving interests o ... political structures, in particular, the self-serving interests of princes and their internal feud. Kiev did not have a strong ruler and princes of all small states inside Rus' were not able to unite ...

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Foreign Students in the United States

ny advantages in an American Education. Reading comments by Vera Ternivskaya Educational Adviser in Kiev one could conclude that American education has many pluses compared to a Ukrainian education: i ... inciples of the American markets of economy and democracy. (Vera Ternivskaya Educational Adviser in Kiev, 1996)Now we will look at the disadvantages of both educational systems.There is a list of disa ...

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Study Notes on Hitler and the Holocaust.

h town called Brzezinka, where the site of the Auschwitz concentration camp.Babi Yar is a ravine in Kiev, Ukraine. Nazis took control of Kiev on the 27th of September 1941 and gathered the 700 patient ... he 700 patients from the psychiatric hospital and killed them. On the 29th, all Jews in the town of Kiev were ordered to meet near the cemetery. They believed they would be loaded onto trains, but on ...

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The Generation Gap

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Effects Of Terrorist Attack

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Kiev Rus and Moscovy: An Early Russian History

Prior to its empirialization, Russian history can be broken down into three periods: Kiev Rus’, the conquering by the Golden Horde, and the rise of the Muskovy principality. These ... ussian society it was already under the power of a foreign prince, totalitarian autocracy was to be Kiev’s governmental system. The first new ruler written about was Prince Riurik (Freeze 3), who ... on the king’s lands were then split among male heirs (Freeze 4) which would be the downfall of Kiev in about two hundred and fifty years. Even during some king’s lifetime he would give parts ...

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Rukh-People's Movement of Ukraine

ly 1989, a number of these "informal" organizations supported by well-known writers and scholars in Kiev, formed the Popular Movement of Restructuring in Ukraine known as the "Rukh." The People's Move ... y Soviet ideologists." �On September 8, 1989, the organization held its founding congress in Kiev, and the first elected leader of the movement was Ukrainian poet and screen writer: Ivan Drach. ...

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Jean Valjean

fade away it will just develop and becoming more modern. My family always attends art galleries in Kiev, Ukraine. Every time we travel anywhere with my family we would make sure to attend an art gall ...

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Tyranny, the old and the new

will cause another." (Sc 3, L 13) this mentality was very similar to the mentality that was held in Kiev. After the protests broke out when President Yanukovych rejected accord with the EU, citizens w ... ected accord with the EU, citizens who wanted to be part of the EU started peacefully protesting in Kiev. President Yanukovych was intimidated by the power that his people held and sent in riot police ...

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