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Drug Prohibition

. Legalization would reduce drug-related crime, save the U.S. billions of dollars In 1984, a kilogram of cocaine worth $4000 in Columbia sold at wholesale for $30,000, and at retail in the U.S. ...

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The Population Solution

explosion.- The Population Problem Solution -'Let us suppose that the average human being weighs 60 kilogram's. If that's the case then 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 people would weigh as much as the wh ...

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Flight Chemistry

e tank. However, they had always measured fuel in the past as pound, while the 767 consumed fuel in kilograms. The drip sticks did not express the amount of fuel in pounds or kilograms, but in liters. ... ms to be a simple matter of conversion to arrive a the answer. All they needed to know was how many kilograms were in a liter. Someone said 1.77, and they calculated the value they needed. However, th ...

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ils, electrical resistance wires, contact points, and standard masses. (The International Prototype Kilogram, kept at Sèvres, France, is a cylinder of platinum-iridium alloy.) Because its therm ...

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This is an essay I did on explaining how gravity works as well as how it effects the tides... How high tide and low tide work

ass of the body, the stronger the gravitational force. On earth the force is 9.8 N/Kg (Newton's per Kilogram) roughly, depending on where you are on earth.GravitationThe original idea of gravity was d ...

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How smart is smart?

with. It's basically a dumb 25-centimeter flat-panel color touch screen that weighs a little over a kilogram.But thanks to a big battery, Wi-Fi networking and a smidgen of computing power, the Airpane ...

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The Eight O'clock News...

ard horrible news that Jerry has killed Tom. After many years of head lumps and broken teeth, a 140-kilogram anvil finally did the trick. Jerry was delighted when Tom for once couldn't manage to get u ...

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Supply and demand

be seen in the diagram to your left. Fred the butcher notices that when the price of beef is $6 per kilogram, 150 kilograms are bought each week. When the price of beef is $8 per kilogram, 100 kilogra ... r the quantity is supplied.In the diagram, we can see this effect. When the price of beef is $6 per kilogram, Fred the butcher will supply 50 kilograms per week. When the price of beef rises to $8 per ...

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Godiva Corp

e market. Godiva company can generate high profit in this market because of price level (4000bf per kilogram compared to 2000 bf in the United States and 1000 bf in Belgium).Strength & Weakness: T ...

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momentum lab

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