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voyager discovered Neptune, but only aftertraveling 12 years at an average velocity of 19 kilometers a second (about 42miles an hour). The Voyager 2 observed Neptune almost contin ... rd Kuiper discovered Nereid, the secondlargest moon of Neptune. Nereid is only about 340 kilometers (210 miles) indiameter and is so far from Neptune that it requires 360 days to ...

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Neptune, an overview of Neptune and its moons.

Neptune is the outermost planet of the gas giants. It has an equatorial diameter of 49,500 kilometers (30,760 miles) and is the eighth planet from the sun. If Neptune were hollow, it could c ... westward, opposite to the rotation of the planet. Near the Great Dark Spot, winds blow up to 2,000 kilometers (1,200 miles) an hour. Voyager 2 found that the winds averaged about 300 meters per seco ...

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what are comets? this will tell you what and why we don't know so much about them.

ucleus of a comet. The part of the comet we see is the tail. The tail of a comet can be over 10,000 kilometers long.In all, comets, the history of comets, and comets waiting to be discovered is very i ...

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Title: Was the Moon Landing A Hoax? This report has information on the Moon Landings and if it was a hoax. Many research proofs support it.

trapped in earth's magnetic field and surrounding the planet, beginning at an altitude of about 800 kilometers and extending tens of thousands of kilometers into space." NASA's excuse of aluminum pain ...

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Ozone, Acid rain, and Solid Waste polution in Newfoundland, Canada.

he upper atmosphere. This band of concentrated ozone resides approximately between twenty and forty kilometers high in the stratosphere. The ozone layer reactions that both create and destroy ozone ha ...

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Nazca Art

period, or 300 BC - 600 AD. Their capitol city was Cahuachi, located nearthe Rio Nazca several kilometers inland. In its florescence Cahuachi was a ceremonial place where theNazca would go an ... period, or 300 BC - 600 AD. Their capitol city was Cahuachi, located nearthe Rio Nazca several kilometers inland. In its florescence Cahuachi was a ceremonial place where theNazca would go an ...

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Nellie McClung

  Helen 'Nellie' Laetitia Mooney was born October 20, 1873 in a log cabin on Garafraxa Road, two kilometers from Chatsworth, Ontario. She and her family moved to Manitoba when she was six years ol ...

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The Environmental Effects Associated with Industrialization

ne to resolve this problem soon, the results may be disastrous.There is a layer of chemicals twenty kilometers up in the stratosphere called the ozone layer. This layer protects the inhabitants of ear ...

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Describes in simple terms the problems facing the ozone layer, including the problem of CPC's and the emergence of a "hole"---includes bibliography

in the stratosphere, the second layer of the atmosphere, and is located approximately ten to forty kilometers (six to twenty-five miles) above the earth. While there is only one chemical form of ozon ...

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Pluto and its features. How it was discovered, its measurements compared to Earth, its surface, and its atmosphere

y the measurements compared to the earth. So, the distance of Pluto from the sun is 5,913,520 x 103 kilometers, and Earth's is 149,600 x 10 3 kilometers. This should give an idea of how far away Pluto ... ared to the radius of the Earth. Pluto's radius is 1160 and Pluto's moon, Charon, diameter is 1,172 kilometers (728 miles), just over half the size of Pluto. The Earth's radius is roughly 6378 kilomet ...

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What is a black hole?

t's center: the closer you are, the higher the escape velocity. The Earth's escape velocity is 11.2 kilometers per second (about 25,000 m.p.h.), while the Moon's is only 2.4 kilometers per second (abo ...

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Why there was stalemate on the Western Front by December 1914.

m the west, the Germans found themselves heading to Paris just east of the city. They got within 32 kilometers of Paris, as the French government retreated to Bordeaux, yet closer they got the slower ... d their morale, and offensive and defensive capabilities. Soldiers would often have to walk 30 - 40 kilometers a day, for two or three months. This led men to actually welcome the chance to dig in, fu ...

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Hotbed of Volcanic Activity Found Beneath Arctic Ocean.

the northernmost segment of the worldwide mid-ocean ridge system that snakes for 1,100 miles (1,800 kilometers) beneath the Arctic Ocean--underscore the waiting discoveries on the frontiers of Earth s ... ic instruments to map the seafloor, collect samples, and analyze what really lies three miles (five kilometers) beneath the ice-covered seas.The team returned nine weeks later with findings that are c ...

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The Ozone Layer.

several layers. The lowest region, the troposphere, extends from the Earth's surface up to about 10 kilometers (km) in altitude. The next layer, the stratosphere, continues from 10 km to about 50 km. ... to about 50 km. Most atmospheric ozone is concentrated in a layer in the stratosphere, about 15-30 kilometers above the Earth's surface.Ozone is a molecule containing three oxygen atoms. It is blue i ...

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Satilites how they work what they do. also geostaionary and types of satellites.

makes. Whether satellites are located orbiting very high above the earth, at an altitude of 35,800 kilometers the (orbital altitude). Weather satellites are owned by Russia and Canada.Astronomy satel ... cation satellites are often located in geostationary orbits. At the high orbital altitude of 35,800 kilometers. Communication satellites are owned by the Canadian people.Satellites perform many functi ...

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Coral Reefs .

iological structures on the planet, with the largest being the Great Barrier Reef covering over2000 kilometers along the east coast of Australia (Focus, 1995). The reef is said to be 500,000 to2,500,0 ...

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Lunar Bases--Living in Space.

e O'Neill Island 3.The O' Neill is a space habitat, that is an air tight bottle with a length of 30 kilometers and a radius of 3 kilometers. The outside of the bottle would be built of alternating rec ...

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The Sharpeville MAssacre.

a small group of protestors were arrested.In the township of Sharpeville in Vereeninging, about 50 kilometers away, another demonstration started. A large and noisy crowd of people gathered around th ...

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The Causes and Consequences of Economical Disturbances in Turkey (as of 2002)

halfway between the equator and the North Pole. Turkey is roughly rectangular in shape and is 1,660 kilometers wide.Because of its geographical location the mainland of Anatolia has always found favor ...

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Battle of Midway.

Japanese army ships heading towards the Midway Islands. They observed about 185 war ships about 996 kilometers away. The Americans decided to attack on June 4, they attacked with fighter and bomber ai ...

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