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Beowulf Short Story

near the southern-most point of Ireland, a once proud colony of people enjoyed the magnificent surroundings and a simplistic life. Brian the Great, beloved ruler of the Ventarians, had been killed by ... elephant or two. Finally, the tail of the Filth-Sammich was so long and powerful, it could wrap around and crush the massive castle of Brian the Great. Although Ventaria no longer had a ruler, fear o ...

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What is the New Kid Thinking!

or K. KoenigEnglish 1C12 September 2013What is the New Kid Thinking! If the world was a playground, Kim Jong Un is the new kid on the block; and his confusing actions-threats of nuclear war-seem to be ... to look to other sources gave me a full bodied image of what was going through everyone's mind when Kim Jong Un decided to threaten South Korea and the United States with nuclear war. While the reason ...

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