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The way to Rainy mountain by Momaday Well

ed into three parts. The first part of each numbered section tends to be a legend or a story of the Kiowa culture. However, this characteristic changes a bit as the book evolves, as does the style and ... oes the style and feel of the stories.The first passage in the first numbered section describes the Kiowa creation myth. It tells that they came into the world through a hollow log. The next ones tell ...

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The Things They Carried - Tim O'Brien STUDY NOTES about "In The Field" - includes details about the plot, characters, themes, key quotes and links to other stories

In The FieldPlot:*The soldiers search for the body of Kiowa in the "shit field."*Jimmy Cross blames himself, wonders where he went wrong and writes a lett ... field."*Jimmy Cross blames himself, wonders where he went wrong and writes a letter in his head to Kiowa's father.*A young soldier, presumably Tim though un-named, searches for the picture of his ex- ... , ground.- cannot stick to his resolutions -> at the beginning of the chapter he is motivated by Kiowa's death to start being a better Lieutenant but by the end of the chapter he is day-dreaming ag ...

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The things they carried - does the war ever end for the soldiers

lse that couldn't come to terms with the aftermath of the war was Norman Bowker. He never gets over Kiowa's death for example he says that "That night when Kiowa got wasted, I sort of sank down with h ... he war, which ultimately led to his ultimate fate.O'Brien also had trouble coming to grief with the Kiowa incident. After the war he "faced his fear" and returned to the shit field where Kiowa died du ...

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Persuasive Essay

y is about 3 men that stop to search a body that one of the men named Tom just shot. The other men, Kiowa and Azar, want to keep moving on but Tom will not move or speak. He was overcome with the guil ...

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The Awakening

First of all I moved to a town called Kiowa Colorado three years ago. I remember my first day and night there. Kiowa had only two gas stat ... o gas stations, a bank, and a bar. It is such a small town that is might only have 50 people in it. Kiowa is past Elizabeth and that would be where the closest grocery store would be. The first night ... irst approached the dead silence of the night I was awakened by the vast silence.I was relocated to Kiowa by force, I once was a single man working full time for a company called Foxworth Galbriath th ...

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The Things They Carried : True vs. False

ned pagoda. A pagoda is a temple used to worship a god. Two monks live there who were peaceful men. Kiowa, one of the soldiers who carries the New Testament with him, says ?It?s bad news?You don?t mes ... carries the New Testament with him, says ?It?s bad news?You don?t mess with churches?(O?Brien 119). Kiowa believed you don?t set up base inside a church. Kiowa and Henry Dobbins talk about religion du ...

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"The Things They Carried" Commentary

y trail outside the village of My Khe.A hand grenade.A slim, dead, dainty young man of about twenty.Kiowa saying, "No choice, Tim. What else could you do?"Kiowa saying, "Right?"Kiowa saying, "Talk to ... ach line individually giving each of them more importance. Also when doing this the author repeats "Kiowa saying" everytime he speaks even though there is no one else speaking in between. This makes w ...

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