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STAR TREK an episode

royed in a matter of time. So we thought it was time we get some help from the our good friends the Klingons. Star date 32918.9: The Federation has sent new orders. We are to separate the Enter ... e war under the command of Commander Riker. In the mean time the saucer section and I are to go the Klingon's home planet-City Alpha 5 to formally ask the Klingon High Console-a party that controls th ...

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Descriptive essay on the emotion, Revenge.

ft a hollow shell, his friends are killed, and he forfeits his life. Before he dies he cites an old Klingon proverb which states, "Revenge is best served cold". With a clear mind and cold heart he fin ...

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Editing: The Right Reasons to Cut

ode of Star Trek. In the scene chosen, we find Captain Picard and Lieutenant Worf speaking with the Klingon Chancellor Gowron. Picard is issuing a plea to have Worf's good name restored in the Klingon ... urned unless Worf agrees to serve the Empire and regain his honour. Worf explains that this is the "Klingon way". Gowron then proceeds to patronise the Captain, saying that as a human, he would have n ...

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Star Trek vs. Star Wars

of Planets. There are also many species included in the masses of these story lines. Including the Klingons, Romulans, Vulcans, Feringi, and the Trill from Star Trek. And the there are also many race ... n father Anakin. In the world of Star Trek there's always some new threat, be it the Tholian's, the Klingon's or the Breen, there's always something to keep the crew of the Enterprise on their toes. I ...

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