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This is an essay that explains the origins and what the "LAws of Manu" are all about

ed. From Manu's head came the Brahmins, the best and most holy people. Out of Manu's hands came the Kshatriyas, the rulers and warriors. The craftsmen came from his thighs and are called Vaisyas. The ... a is describing how the people were placed into the four different levels of society. The Brahmins, Kshatriya and the Vaisya castes are the twice born ones. On the other hand, the fourth caste the Sud ...

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Comparing Feudal System to Caste System

was no central government, in feudalism, each lord had his own rules on his manor and in India, the Kshatriyas, led the government, which was a council of elders for each village. There was no such th ...

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Caste System Influnce In Indian Urban Planning

ople into classes. India initially had four classes of people which were; The Brahamins (noblemen), Kshatriya's (warriors), Vaish (economist or traders), and the Studras (servicemen, the working class ... ed to do, such as cleaning and cooking. This class was looked down upon. Most kings came out of the Kshatriya's class. The cities in India were zoned into four parts for each caste. Facilities ...

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Groundhog Day

ter became the priestly class and were the highest group in Indian society. The second group is the Kshatriyas, the came from the gods arms. They were the warriors. The third group was the Vaishyas wh ...

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Caste System In Hinduism

arna. They seem to be associated with level of high archy which go in the following order; Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Sudra. Also, the "untouchables" is considered to be the fifth part of the cas ...

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Buddhism and Hinduism, Nature of the Divine

h each of the castes. The five castes are from lowest to highest are Untouchable, Sudras, Vaishyas, Kshatriyas and Brahmans. A person in the untouchable caste has jobs such as having to kill or dispos ... nsibilities such as raising cattle and farming (Szczepanski). Next is the second highest caste, the Kshatriya caste, people in this caste are the warriors whose jobs are to protect India. The last and ...

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