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The Threat of Terrorism for Australia.

from the arrest of PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan in Kenya in February. That evening, supporters of the Kurdistan Workers' Party in Sydney - half a world away - organised a forcible entry and occupation o ...

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The Causes and Effects of the Different Types of Terrorism.

ationalist terrorists like to use violence, an example of this Is are the Irish Republican Army and Kurdistan Workers Party. Anarchist terrorism was a global phenomenon from the 1870's to 1920 when a ... ir strategies, such as Al-Qaeda. Narcoterrorism has to dowith drugs. Some terrorist groups like the Kurdistan Workers Party and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia use narcoterrorism. Lastly, t ...

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Ocalan, Kurdish Terrorism

people; in other words, he kills even women and children and EVEN babies.There is no Country called Kurdistan. Since hundreds of years, Turkish and Kurdish people lived together in peace in eastern An ... nd released after seven months of torture.In 1975, together with a group of friends, he returned to Kurdistan. Abdullah Ocalan, together with Mazlum Dogan and Mehmet Hayri Durmus published a booklet c ...

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working condiions

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