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The story is about a young man who is abusive towards his wife, and how she rebounds.

nd, but that was purely for the popularity. Only the best could have me, and that is what happened. Kyle was head of the football team. The most popular guy in the school. He had a full head of short ... s of a beautiful mauve color with a bit of genuine black lace and silk near the neck. My boyfriend, Kyle, being as rich as he was bought us a house to live in directly out of high school. At the first ...

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The Profound Discovery - We were to pick a decade and write from a teenager's POV who is dealing with homosexuality, and what information would be available to him or her at that time.

en two bushes watching the children's movement with cold, deadly eyes.2 "Hey John, wait up!" Kyle yelled. John turned to look at Kyle when something caught his eye. What in the world... he thou ... slowpoke; I'm going to be late!" John yelled back as he stuffed the crumbled paper into his pocket. Kyle finally caught up. "You know you should really start running along the river with me in the mor ...

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Six Black Dudes on a Bus

out. I ran. There were three people in the car, all going to St. Charles, MO. The driver's name was Kyle, and the other two were John and Keith. They seemed tense about my appearance so I told them wh ... out my appearance so I told them what happened to calm their nerves. They were very sympathetic and Kyle offered to get me drunk and take me all the way to Kansas City if I wanted to crash at his plac ...

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Simple saying (the title) - It is about a girl visiting a poor school in the Bronx and how an experience with a third grader changed her view on life.

started to ask about their lives and their own experiences that affected them.I would never forget Kyle's story. Holding on to his tears, he told me gravely that his father was murdered just two week ... l looked on the brighter side, thinking that there would be a brighter day for him. Life is unfair. Kyle was just like any other child, but he was the chosen one to suffer, and he accepted it with a p ...

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REMEMBERING         It was a crisp fall Saturday in October 1995.

dotted the floor of the bridge, like big picture frames surrounding beautiful pictures of a stream. Kyle is my youngest son. He was seven years old at the time and had always been afraid to go out on ... ld wander and explore this old, dilapidated structure. On this particular day, I was trying to coax Kyle to come onto the bridge with us and was expecting the usual "no thank you" answer. But low and ...

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