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Current Treatment Strategies for Parkinson's Disease; Are the costs to the community of developing new treatment strategies justified?

n't an idyllic treatment. The current leading drug for the treatment of PD symptoms is Levodopa (or L-dopa), which although itself passes through the blood-brain barrier, transforms to dopamine quickl ... . This method, by increasing the amount of clinically available dopamine also decreases quantity of L-dopa needed, thus reducing the severity of side effects. Levodopa however fails to effectively tre ...

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Stem Cell research paper.

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a catatonic patient. He gave Leonard a new drug that had just come out on the market. It was called L-Dopa. This drug started to have an effect on Leonard, so he decided to try it on the other patient ...

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Effect of Tamoxifen

es made by these cells. (Parkinson's disease, 2008)The administration of the pharmacological agents L-DOPA could bring back a normal dopaminergic transmission. PD causes due to some motor deficits suc ... ergic transmission. PD causes due to some motor deficits such as tremor, rigidity and bradykinesia, L-DOPA reduces these motor deficits. The treatment with L-DOPA twice in a day shows the manifest sim ...

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e may have found something, when he hears of a new degenerative disease drug for Parkinson's called L-DOPA. He seeks out a professional opinion of a neurologist who specialized in treating patients wh ... here is someone in side of these immobile shells. Then Dr. Sayer seeks out more of an opinion at an L-DOPA convention, but is quickly shutdown when the speaker feels he does not have any logic behind ...

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