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Biography on Samuel Champlain.

also kept the struggling community alive during its early years. He explored Canada as far west as Lake Huron and also discovered the lake in New York that bears his name.Samuel du Champlain was born ... large bay to the north (Hudson Bay) and water to the west, which he later discovered was the Great Lakes. He went 12 leagues up the Saguenay; and then further up the St. Lawrence as far as Hochelaga ...

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The War of 1812.

Britain on June 18, 1812. American strategy called for an invasion of Canada on three fronts: along Lake Champlain toward Montreal, across the Niagara frontier, and from Detroit into upper Canada. The ... frontier at the Battle of Queenston Heights in October. The year ended with American forces on the Lake Champlain front withdrawing from an attempted invasion of Canada without seriously engaging the ...

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French settlement - 1565.

f Nova Scotia. Champlain then explored the interior, including the St. Lawrence River and the Great Lakes. He founded the town of Quebec on the St. Lawrence in 1608. He also explored areas in present- ... ebec on the St. Lawrence in 1608. He also explored areas in present-day New York and Vermont, where Lake Champlain was named after him.The Great Lakes region proved valuable to France because of the f ...

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American interpretation of the events and outcomes of the war

s are killed in the Raisin River Massacre.Battle of York (Toronto). US troops take control of Great Lakes and burn York.Battle of Lake Erie. US forces under Captain Perry defeat a British naval attack ... Andrew Jackson defeats the Creek Indians.The British plan a 3-part invasion of US: Chesapeake Bay, Lake Champlain, & the mouth of Mississippi River. The British are eventually turned back at Balt ...

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Benedict Arnold, a Great General

day Vermont), and this meeting soon led to an interesting event.Fort Ticonderoga was at the end of Lake Champlain, and was strongly fortified. Benedict met with the Green Mountain Boys who had simila ... his ingenuity by deciding to attack at night. Benedict and Ethan could not find boats to cross the lake. They had to wait until May 11th. Conveniently, there was a fog after a thunderstorm struck. Be ...

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The Development of Canada as a Nation

ial that North America had to offer in terms of its lavish and diverse landscape, countless rivers, lakes, and its plentiful amount of fur. Samuel de Champlain's arrival in Canada was the most signifi ... me, or have memorials created in his memory. Champlain was the first European to discover the Great Lakes. The most noteworthy of these is Lake Champlain. In 1609 he led an excursion up the Richelieu ...

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