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Willis Carrier: The Father of Cool, Inventor of the modern-day Air Conditioner

itioning machine.Carrier was born on November 26, 1876 in Angola, New York, on the eastern shore of Lake Erie. He grew up on a farm as an only child, living with an extended family consisting of his p ...

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The Great Awakening.

lains are located in the Midwest and are large areas of level landoMajor Water Features:1.The Great Lakes (Lake Michigan, Lake Erie, Lake Huron, Lake Ontario, and Lake superior)2.The St. Lawrence Rive ... Erie, Lake Huron, Lake Ontario, and Lake superior)2.The St. Lawrence River which empties the Great Lakes into the Atlantic Ocean3.The Erie Canal (1825) connects Lake Erie to the Hudson River, providi ...

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The Tecumseh Confederation

. They besieged Fort Meigs but didn't capture it. Then, they went on the defensive in the battle on Lake Erie which they lost. After all those battles, Harrison thereupon invaded Canada and followed T ...

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The Underground Railroad

these routes and reached Canada by ways of Detroit or Niagara Falls, New York. Others sailed across Lake Erie to Ontario from such ports as Erie, Philadelphia and Sandusky, Ohio. Many runaway slaves f ...

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Acid Rain

erefore over time, the basic environment shifts from an alkaline to an acidic one. This is why many lakes and oceans around the world are in danger of loosing their fisheries. The average mean of pH r ... ceans around the world are in danger of loosing their fisheries. The average mean of pH rainfall in Lake Erie ranges between 3.95 and 4.38 about 40 times more acidic than normal rainfall, while storms ...

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The Zebra Mussel

d into new areas. It appears that in 1985 or 1986 the Zebra Mussel had been introduced to the Great Lakes region and was discovered in Lake Erie in 1988. It is believed the Zebra mussels were carried ... lieved the Zebra mussels were carried in the ballast water of transoceanic ships entering the Great lakes. By 1996 Zebra Mussels had been found in all of the Great Lakes (Zebra Mussels in North Americ ...

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The Haudenosaunee- 5 page report on Iraquois Indians (works cited)

The Iroquois were primarily found in upstate New York, Canada, and Wisconsin surrounding the Great Lakes and along the St. Lawrence River. The Iroquois were a swidden culture who also incorporated hu ... mocracy known to man.The Iroquois primarily lived in upstate New York along the St. Lawrence River, Lake Ontario, and Lake Erie. The original tribes consisted of the Cayuga, Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, ...

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Food And Culture Of The Midwest

s, and Nebraska. South of these states is the great Mississippi River and to the north is the Great Lakes. The Great Lakes were formed by the glacial ice cap that moved down over large parts of North ... teenth century provided the means for transporting large amounts of raw materials and manufactures. Lake Erie ports handle iron and copper ore, coal, and finished materials (including steel and automo ...

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Water Snake

The Lake Erie water snake is one of many endangered species. Endangered species are animals and plants t ... tive of the Wildlife Service's endangered species program.Here are some interesting facts about the Lake Erie water snake that I find interesting and helpful for people to know.Scientific Name - Nerod ... interesting and helpful for people to know.Scientific Name - Nerodia sipedon insularum Appearance - Lake Erie water snakes are gray in color and resemble the closely related northern water snake, but ...

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The Round Goby

ross the ocean. Zebra mussels, discovered in the 1990's posed a major threat for the southern Great Lakes, and the round goby is now posing a threat for the native fish species in all five of the Grea ... bius melanstomus, is the newest addition to the dangerous list of exotic species invading the Great Lakes (SGNIS 2001). The round Goby was not discovered until 1990 when it was found in the St. Clair ...

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William wells brown

on he was returned back to working on steamboats. In 1834, he escaped into Ohio, intending to cross Lake Eire into Canada. On the way he was sheltered by a Quaker, Wells Brown, whose name he assumed i ... Wells Brown, whose name he assumed in addition to the name William. He now took up steamboating on Lake Erie and obtained the position of steward in which he was able to help many a fugitive to freed ...

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Erie Canal

825, connected the Eastern part of America, to the interiors. It ran from Hudson River in Albany to Lake Erie. The New York City mayor, De Witt Clinton, proposed this and was the main man behind this ... dson River to Albany and the Mohawk River west that created a valley which stretched near the Great Lakes. The canal used that to its advantage and quickly, New York became an important trading center ...

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Algae Research

blems, clog filters and affect the productivity of water treatment processes, and cause toxicity in lakes and dams, affecting health of both livestock and humans alike.Aim:The aim of this experiment i ...

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