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They Can't be the Same

cate indirectly and the women directly but not where both the genders communicate in the same way. (Lakoff 627) If the two genders do communicate in the same way, there is bound to be serious conflict ... some kind of understanding or force that keeps the two genders from communicating in the same way. Lakoff describes this understood force as being '...some deep intrinsic physical and/ or psychologic ...

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Cognitive Semantics - Extensions of Meaning

"how" of metaphor. He also rejected the idea that metaphors can be translated into literal language.Lakoff and Johnson (1980) and Lakoff (1993) have showed that metaphors pervade the whole language. T ... e abstract and intangible areas of experience in terms of the familiar and concrete. To prove this, Lakoff claims that often a range of different linguistic expressions are produced by the same metaph ...

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Rhetorical Criticism of Cross

lse. [p. 104].In 1979, Michael Reddy published an article about the 'conduit metaphor' which George Lakoff (1993: 204-5) praised as seminal for the insight that metaphors are fundamental to human lang ... eness that language does not simply reduplicate thought (an idea underlying not only the studies by Lakoff and Johnson and their followers, but also the research projects spawned by Sperber and Wilson ...

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