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Women in the Renaissance

f classical humanism in the female world was defended and acknowledged by prominent figures such as Laura Cereta and Lucretia Marinella. The artistic world of the Renaissance delivered talented artist ... er class families who had the incredible opportunity to give their children a humanistic education. Laura Cereta was from a Brescian Aristocratic family who was fortunate enough to study the art of hu ...

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Did Women Have A Renaissance?

for her subjects, as well as her authority over them. Another example would be the point of view of Laura Quirini, a Venetian patrician. In Document 5, she describes how a certain woman, Isotta Nogaro ... plate the hardships of women, especially those that made the attempt to advance. In Document 10, by Laura Cereta, we also analyze a woman's point of view. Undoubtedly, Cereta has come across too many ...

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