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"The Horse Dealer's Daughter" :Mabel and her need for love.

rong decisions, just to get rid of the feeling of loneliness. "The Horse Dealer's Daughter," by D.H Lawrence, depicts an example of this situation. Besides the economic situation Mabel, the main chara ... Since she feels she has no other positive solution to end them, she feels she has to kill her self. Lawrence tells the reader that the main reason why she feels this way is that she thinks she has nob ...

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A discussion of DH Lawrence's depiction of weakness in the face of other forces

In examining several of DH Lawrence's short stories and one of his poems ('Odor of Chrysanthemums', 'Strike Pay', 'Tickets, Ple ... mums', 'Strike Pay', 'Tickets, Please', 'Daughters of the vicar', and 'Snake'), it can be seen that Lawrence has presented weakness through a variety of his characters. These weaknesses appear through ... is characters. These weaknesses appear through the characters' thoughts, relationships and actions. Lawrence has illustrated the characters weaknesses against symbolic forces such as nature and indust ...

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Police and criminal evidence Act 1984 and the public's growing mistrust.

t than any other policing strategy. Almost 5 years following the MacPherson report into the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry, stop and search remains one of the most contentious issues in British criminal jus ... ming a police state?Survey and attitudesThe MacPherson report following the tragic death of Stephen Lawrence stated that the Metropolitan Police force was "institutionally racist" following the way th ...

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"The Rocking Horse Winner"

t and materialistic."The Rocking Horse Winner" is a short story written in the 20th century by D.H. Lawrence. One of its outstanding elements is the vivid characterization of Paul and his mother. Paul ... xtravagant and materialistic.The cold and unloving quality of the mother is demonstrated clearly by Lawrence. This cold and uncaring personality of Paul's mother is presented early in the story. Lawre ...

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What is Management? Why organizations need management and why managers need good people skills (TQM)?

ion, an ability to excite others, and being high in energy so that they are see as dynamic (Susanne Lawrence, 1993, p28)."Because managers are constantly visible to he/her team members or groups, it g ... confidence, the strength of purpose and conviction necessary to make changes necessary for quality (Lawrence, 1993, p28)". Positive self-regard allows a shield against both external and internal disap ...

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Born to be good? What motivates us to be good, bad or indifferent towards others?

eone has to step up and lead the way otherwise there will never be a strike. Another example: Post, Lawrence and Weber (1999) took place in the 1960's; a young woman was raped and repeatedly stabbed w ... 99) Born to be good? What motivates us to be good, bad or indifferent towardsOthers? In J. Post, A. Lawrence and J. Weber (Eds.), Contemporary Business Issues withReadings (pp. 375-376, Reading 3). Ne ...

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The Influence of Absence: Achieving Presence through Absence in DH Lawrence's "Odour of the Chrysanthemums"

In the short story "Odour of Chrysanthemums," D.H. Lawrence effectively and continually employs a technique of keeping certain entities absent from his ... ng certain entities absent from his story to convey their looming presence and definite importance. Lawrence's omission of Walter, a vastly crucial character, best demonstrates the author's ability an ... s the author's ability and effectiveness in creating presence through absence. Through this method, Lawrence creates a sense of tension and anticipation within the reader's mind. Moreover, Lawrence pl ...

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Freudian Slip: D.H. Lawrence and Odour of Chrysanthemums

The original intention of this paper was to be a character analysis of Walter's mother in D. H. Lawrence's short story, Odour of Chrysanthemums. However, as fate likes to taunt, the intentions bec ... ever, as fate likes to taunt, the intentions became askew while nearing the end. The thought of why Lawrence would write such a character sat back, plaguing the back of my mind until it would not wait ...

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Compare the treatment of the subject between "Bavarian Gentians" and "Ship of Death".

David Herbert Lawrence, an English novelist and poet ranked among the most influential and controversial literary ... poet ranked among the most influential and controversial literary figures of the twentieth century. Lawrence was born on September 11th, 1885, in Eastwood, Nottinghamshire. He abandoned traditional po ... o poems being discussed, "Bavarian Gentians" and "Ship of Death" were both written near the time of Lawrence's death. He had been suffering from tuberculosis. He is well aware that he is going to die ...

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Biographical Analysis of "The Rocking Horse Winner". Paper linking the facts about the life of the author with the plot and factors supporting that plot.

"The Rocking Horse Winner," by D. H. Lawrence, was first published in Harper's Bazaar magazine in July 1926 and includes many similaritie ... leads to a shortage of money and is emphasized by the whispering of "There must be more money." In Lawrence's life, his mother Lydia also had a desire for social status. She believed that through her ... re also similar to his real life. The father of the story is only vaguely present at the beginning; Lawrence's father became increasingly absent in their lives. Working by day and drinking at night, A ...

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A Critique of D.H.Lawrence's "State of Funk"

ured for his emphasis on sex, his stereotyped female characters, and his frequently-blatant sexism, Lawrence remains one of the important figures in British literary modernism. Also a poet and essayis ... ingway and Sherwood Anderson. In addition to his attention to surfaces as a way to delineate place, Lawrence's determination to discover new and vital methods to evoke a clear psychological attitude h ...

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A Presentation on D.H.Lawrence's "Women in Love"

David Herbert Lawrence was born on September 11, 1885 at Eastwood in Nottinghamshire, the son of a coalminer and a ... around Europe with her.Sequel to his earlier book, The Rainbow, Women in Love is widely considered Lawrence’s best novel, although its publication in 1920 was received with widespread criticism ... study of certain loathsome forms of mental disease it is thorough and painstaking, and I am sure Mr Lawrence does not deserve some form of special recognition from the Royal College of Physicians. Mos ...

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Analysis of D.H. Lawrence's 'Red geranium and Godly Mignonette'

D.H. Lawrence “Red Geranium and Godly Mignonette”Lawrence’s poem looks at the relationship ... m looks at the relationship between the nature of sensual experience, and imagination. According to Lawrence sensual experience connects us with reality. We are conscious of ourselves as living beings ... m is in vain. The intellect cannot imagine what has not already been perceived with the senses. For Lawrence, sensual experience is more insightful into the nature of reality than the intellect, as he ...

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"Gloire the Dijon" and the transience of the moment.

Lawrence mentions in his “Introduction” to New Poems:(1)“The seething poetry of the i ... hat the woman is not only beautiful, but she will cause an impression that will impinge on our mind.Lawrence also mentions in his “Introduction” the elements that a poem about the present sh ... g the temporary reality into something completely different.At last in his “Introduction” Lawrence mentions: “This is the unrestful, ungraspable poetry of the sheer present, poetry whos ...

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Lawrence of Arabia (Movie)

Lawrence of Arabia Arabia set a new standard for movie epics. David Lean's sweeping, magisterial dir ... e British army officer who becomes a leader of Arab warriors. The film's searching analysis of T.E. Lawrence's tortured psyche, his ambivalent heroism, and his descent into the horrors of bloodlust re ... descent into the horrors of bloodlust repay frequent viewings. Shortened after its initial release, Lawrence was restored to its full, incandescent glory.When analyzing Lawrence of Arabia, the key fea ...

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The Horse Dealer's Daughter

In "The Horse Dealer's Daughter," author, D.H. Lawrence is very adept at using symbols to help the reader understand the story. Lawrence emphasizes ... s a source of love and happiness. Animals, nature, and inanimate objects are all used as symbols by Lawrence.Human behaviour is often compared to animal behaviour. For example, Mabel's demeanour being ... his legs" (56). This could be symbolizing Joe's sadness, since his family has to leave their house.Lawrence not only uses animals, but also uses nature. The pond is a strong symbol that has many mean ...

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Movie Lawrence Of Arabia[relating To History]

Lawrence of Arabia is a great movie which shows the views of a Arab group who revolts against the Tu ... the British. Mainly the British intelligence officer was the main person who helped. In the movie, Lawrence assured the Arabs that if they revolted against the Turks they would be rewarded with their ... Panama incident, where U.S. did a similar thing. Since the British, an allied country of the U.S., Lawrence tried to get the British politicians to attend the Versailles peace conference. But after t ...

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Horse Dealers Daughter

might elude to. From the beginning of the story we see Mabel as the silent servant to her siblings. Lawrence paints Mabel as a woman being controlled by her brothers. He uses heavy animal imagery in t ... gain.? In the brothers interactions with the dog we receive a wealth of information about Mabel and Lawrence paints a portrait of the relationship and position she has in the family. ?-the dog rose un ...

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Lawrence Sports Working Capital Policy

Lawrence Sports, a $20 million corporation, manufactures and distributes equipment and protective ge ... million corporation, manufactures and distributes equipment and protective gear for various sports. Lawrence Sports' leading distributor, Mayo Stores, sales 95% of Lawrence Sports equipment and curren ... ipment and currently is struggling with internal problems, which is causing a cash flow problem for Lawrence Sports. Lawrence Sports has two principal suppliers of raw materials, Gartner Products and ...

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Lawrence of Arabia

ed for more than that. He served his country well while trying to stand up for the little guy. T.E. Lawrence is remembered for his sacrifices and bravery while trying to help the Arab people. I think ... d bravery while trying to help the Arab people. I think the film review, called "BFI Film Classics- Lawrence of Arabia" said it best when they stated "T.E. Lawrence remains one of the most appealing c ...

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