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The Canadian Justice System vs. Aboriginal People

s. Aboriginal people who are arrested are more likely to be denied bail, spend less time with their lawyers, and if convicted, are more likely to be incarcerated.It is not merely that the justice syst ...

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"The Conflict between a Lawyer's own Personal Morality and his Duties to the Client and the Court."

st always be remembered, is personal. It must be stated that as such, it is improbable that any two lawyers will have exactly the same morals, and that even though procedural rules and codes of conduc ... rtain types of conduct, not merely discourage it.The rules of Confidentiality and Privilege prevent lawyers from passing on information that their clients have told them. Confidentiality is not confin ...

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Equal Access To Justice: an edited version of my previous essay; defines equal access to justice; states what society can do to improve equal access to justice for all

qual access to justice? When I first heard this question, I immediately thought of the poor with no lawyers, and the rich who seem to always win court cases. But then, I thought about the true meaning ... e to inadequate representation. Some might bring up the question of wealthy people having expensive lawyers, while low-income citizens request pro-bono representation, in which the lawyer may not spen ...

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Inheit the Wind. Essay explaining the trial and the purpose of the Golden Dancer

ogue between Brady and Drummond. Also, this theme is evident in the questions that are posed by the lawyers to the court and reader.The golden dancer is a rocking horse and represents the goals that o ...

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Robert Reich and Symbolic Analysts

neers, and other scientific or technical specialties as well as marketers, investors, some types of lawyers, developers and a wide variety of consultants.The symbolic analysts will have a high level o ...

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The Use of Dramatic Monologue to Create Moral Dilemma in Browning's "Porphyria's Lover"

Trials and hearings take place frequently in our society today. In a trial, it is the job of two lawyers to persuade a jury to see a situation a certain way, regardless if it is the right way, the ... ts the case as a whole. The decision the jury must make between what is actually right and what the lawyers imply to be right is the same one the reader of a dramatic monologue must make. Browning's D ...

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The Jews In Nazi Germany

tramp in Vienna been very jealous of the wealth and the status of the Jews who were often doctors, lawyers, and writers. The Jews were regarded as the scapegoats of all Germany's problems, and they w ... l explain some of the events during these years.In the summer of 1938 Jewish doctors, dentists, and lawyers were forbidden to give their services to Aryans.In August 1938 all Jewish men were forced to ...

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Law: Gideon vs Wainright

his phrase one might be think that this right, that which gives a person accused of a crime to have lawyers for his defense, is common knowledge being that it is among the most basic rights given to t ... quite properly spend vast sums of money to establish machinery to try defendants accused of crime. Lawyers to prosecute are everywhere deemed essential to protect the public's interest in an orderly ...

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How to have an effective oral presentation

ffective oral presentation. For example, if an oral presenter is going to give speech to a group of lawyers, he should talk about what a professional lawyer do avoid talking about what a doctor do. Be ...

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On why capital punishment should be banished

inals can get away from this punishment by pouring more money into investigation and getting better lawyers in court. Therefore, those who do get put on death row are usually in the lower class. Compa ...

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Well-Structured Class System in Britain.

living conditions and privileges.At the top of London society there were aristocrats and merchants, lawyers and high civil servants. The merchants were often land owners which gave their children the ... n he had to be". Now he is the "laird" of High Glen and has extensive powers. The merchants and the lawyers lived in the city, but they also had an estate in the countryside. This is also shown in the ...

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Gideon's Trumpet to discuss the various powers in the US Government.

is made/changed. It illustrates the interactions between many political actors: ordinary citizens, lawyers, Supreme Court, the states and interest groups. Through exploring the story it is possible t ... to make his opinion go further, more penetrating.Another important political actor in this story is lawyers. In this story Abe Fortas and Bruce Jacob are two extreme contrasts; clearly these two lawye ...

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Blue Genes.

personality. I'm sure you've met them; they are destined to live out meaningful, fun-less lives as lawyers or accountants. Then there are those who carry with them a morbid expression of doom and glo ...

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"School Classes that aren't the Classroom".

children. Studentswho were "smart" and worked hard could improve their situation and becomedoctors, lawyers, and CEOs. Everyone's heard some story about the poor boystudying and working non-stop as he ...

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The tobacco deal.

e companies about $1 billion per year, but the government about $13 billion per year, and allow the lawyers involved to claim fees based on hundreds of billions in "damages". We found that alternative ... onomy, and the multi state settlement of November 1998 is equally flawed. The fees proposed for the lawyers (around $15 billion) and the equally astonishing proposed payoff for Liggett (perhaps $400 m ...

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The Controversy over Contingency Fees in the American Civil Law System.

bated topic over the past decade. While many critics of these fees believe that they cause greed in lawyers and frivolous cases in the courtroom, many people who could not otherwise afford legal repre ... k way to seek compensation for their injuries, while awarding exceptional work on the part of their lawyers.Contingency fees give a middle class person the same access to the courtroom that a person o ...

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Forensic crime scene investigations.

looked up upon on so many levels. These people aren't police, they aren't detectives, nor are they lawyers, or anything akin to that. They are the elite forces of forensic crime scene investigative c ...

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Problems with Washington State at a local and state wide level.

"A few things need to be done, these include replacing the Supreme Court with younger and ambitious lawyers, congress needs to limit terms, and local politics needs to be revamped. In most jobs, if yo ...

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Sciene on culture agruement.

keep Weston from being executed is for him to not be treated as a mentally ill individual. Weston's lawyers feel they are doing the right thing by keeping him sane. Additionally, Weston's lawyers feel ... for no apparent reason and he can easily get off for this crime by escaping the death penalty. His lawyers are not helping him at all. No matter what the ruling is Weston still has to suffer. Either ...

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Impression of cicil trial process with regard to the Woburn case.

ney, courts, other costs it is extremely expensive. In some cases, such as person injury or so, the lawyers for the plaintiff will work on a contingency basis, just as Schlichtmann did in the book. Th ... Also throughout the trial, the companies still continue to rack up profits while the plaintiffs (or lawyers of) are consistently loosing money. These are a few of the ways that the large companies fig ...

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