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B.F. Skinner's Walden Two

inner in his novel, Walden Two (1948). Well written and entertaining, Walden Two is directed to the layman rather than to the professional psychologist. It concerns a fictitious intentional community ...

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This essay is about culture shock. It's about the effects, the process, and the after effects. (It was written for Psychology and Culture)

s from one's own culture, to new cultural stimuli which have little or no meaning. (Adler, 1975) In layman's terms, culture shock is the anxiety resulting from losing one's sense of when to do what an ...

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What is evolution and what is natural selection?

taneous generation that is the belief that living matter can be generated from non-living matter.In layman's terms evolution is the process responsible for the changes over the extent of Earth's exist ...

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Gideon vs Wainwright.

Gideon vs. WainwrightBy Andy CoffeyYou walk into a court room with a layman's knowledge of the law and are defending yourself on a crime you did not commit. The proceedi ...

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John Dalton: the father of modern chemistry.

e in Manchester, a college established by the Presbyterians to give a first-class education to both layman and candidates for the ministry. The college moved to York and Dalton did not want to go with ...

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Globalization in the 21st Century.

ations such as Coca Cola, Disney, McDonald's, Sony, Shell Oil and IBM, symbolize such a process. In layman's terms, globalization is basically the means by which people around the globe are now more c ...

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Girl interrupted

her memoirs serve as an argument against her clinical diagnosis. In "Mind vs. Brain" we are given a layman's introduction to psychology. Kaysen, through the use of various writing techniques, explains ...

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Therapeutic Cloning

more individual organisms/organs that are genetically identical to the original ("Therapeutic). In layman's terms it means copying an organ or an entire organism. The first major discovery that spark ...

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Database System Analysis

us techniques. One example of these programming techniques is called relational database design. In layman's terms, relational databases are designed to store data related to each other in different t ...

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"Athletes get special privileges." satire

u spoke about this inane idea that athletes unjustly receive benefits and rights as opposed to the "layman," who does not do anything, but expects everything. To start off, let's just say that the Fir ...

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The Life of John Dalton.

e in Manchester, a college established by the Presbyterians to give a first-class education to both layman and candidates for the ministry, the doors of Cambridge and Oxford being open at that time on ...

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NSPS and Unions

the NSPS as a key pillar in the Department of Defenses transformation of its civilian workforce. In layman's terms, the NSPS will revolutionize the antiquated system in which the federal workforce is ...

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Callaway Golf Company

golf equipment, e.g. the revolutionary Big Bertha which made golfing easier and more enjoyable for layman- Successful marketing target on "average golfer" who perceives CGC as performance enhancing p ...

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Review of Bimal Krishna Matilal?s essay ?A Realistic view of Perception?

n ?Perception: An essay on Classical Indian Theories of Knowledge? it was explained pertaining to a layman?s rather obvious worldview instead of that of a realist. This was to keep conformity with PF ...

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Siren Song

Robert Layman English 1B/ Dr. Walter October 24, 2001 "Siren Song:" Do you Dare go on and Read? ...

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"Notes On American Literature"

the same token, you'll want to couch your discussion in relatively jargon-free language so that the layman can understand. You should draw on at least two sources not from Reading Culture.2. Choose a ...

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Charles Darwin and the Theory of Natural Selection

ady has a solid grip on this subject. This book is meant for people who need this topic laid out in layman’s terms. I really liked the fact that it was an easy read containing only 118 pages. My ...

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Something on Kant

a way that you can will that the maxim behind your action be adopted as a universal law" (182). In layman's terms, he is saying live your life in a way that your ethics are unconditional and universa ...

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Cropping Boxers

s left of it. The tail you see also undergoes a surgical procedure. The tail is docked, meaning, in layman's terms, that it is cut short.(Abraham10) It leaves the Boxer with that characteristic stub t ...

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would be where person with higher power like a politician can get away with misdemeanor where as a layman cannot.In the sixteenth and seventeenth century authors such as Moliere and Voltaire had ...

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