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Apocalypse at the Nuclear Plant

e hallways, hitting on the women workers, or even hanging around the coffee maker. 'Must be another layoff meeting,' he thought to himself as he slid his access card into the slot and the door opened. ...

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Corporate downsizing

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Communication situation analysis.

direct approach to unpleasantness, and bad news in whatever context they may surface. The terms of layoffs in our present marketplaces, have been watered-down with euphemistic and politically correct ... tes per state requires special measures to be instituted for any eventual fall out. Announcement of layoffs is considered "bad news" and can drastically and negatively alters one's views both for imme ...

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The Big One :Michael Moore

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Levi's is Hiking Up its Pants (case analysis for contempory management)

Ⅰ.Assumptions:The shutdown of Levi's 11 US plants and the layoff of 1000 employees came true after its two announcements.There are other competitors in the ma ... ement may lack new ideas about the problems they are facing.Ⅲ. Implicationsa) On PersonnelThe layoff of 1000 salaried employees would lead to low morale among the employees and managers. People ... heir positions. They will also begin to develop a distrustful feeling towards the top management.If layoffs occur, the remaining employee's responsibilities will increase and their salaries will remai ...

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EEOC: Statute and Case Law Relationships.

th respect to any term, condition, or privilege of employment, including hiring, firing, promotion, layoff, compensation, benefits, job assignments, and training." (EEOC 2005) While this Act was a gre ...

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PR Campaign Strategy

McCauley will explain the financial demographics used to make this painful and difficult decision. Layoff information packages will be distributed at this time. Representatives from human resources a ...

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Staffing Plan: Delta Airlines

ne to regain efficiency in the operation. This could mean outsourcing certain departments and major layoff and work rule changes to the present employees. These changes will allow operating revenues t ...

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Bla Bla

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Legal Issues in Reduction of Workforce Simulation: Fast Serve Inc

ebsite) (2005, Reed, O.L., Shedd, P.J., Morehead, J.W., & Corley, R.N.)Upon receiving notice to layoff and redesign job descriptions of employees, specific areas were reviewed in order to make a d ... of being sued because of discrimination when discharging an employee. "Whatever the reason for the layoffs and however we categorize it, workforce cuts create important legal issues for employers-cla ...

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Analysis of downsizing

ision for downsizing, communicating that vision through an announcement, defining the restructuring/layoffs necessary with employee involvement, implementing the downsizing, measuring the results and ... addressed. Explain to them how the company can achieve this goal by reducing redundancies or other layoffs; otherwise the company will continue to lose market share due to high costs and inefficienci ...

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Gap Analysis: Global Communications

at later prove to be disastrous. The daily newspaper provides startling information relating to the layoff being implemented by Global Communication. Could a gap analysis have prevented such an event ... sued the following statement immediately after the press released the news of Global Communications layoff. "Global should look at the Union as a partner," said Global-Union liaison Maria Antez. "Befo ...

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Financial Managers

lder wealth is not always in their best, personal interest. For example, when a company announces a layoff to cut costs, assuming the intent of maximizing shareholder wealth, stock share price often i ... killed workforce. If a company has a reputation for paying poorly, implementing excessive rounds of layoffs, or other unattractive human resource policies, retaining a skilled workforce will be diffic ...

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Potential Solutions for GM and Customs Covers, Inc Decrease in Sales

$800.000 or more yearly. Custom Covers, Inc. has lost roughly thirty percent in revenue and has to layoff 350 workers in the last two years. Custom Covers, Inc goal is call these employees back in fo ...

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Morale Impacts To Survivors Of Layoffs

er been laid off, you need to read this paper. To anyone who has worked for a company that has done layoffs, you need to read this paper. To anyone who has been a supervisor to people (or thinks they ... you need to read this paper. To anyone who has heard whispering around "the water cooler" the words layoff, downsizing, right sizing, or any word that remotely sounds as if people are going to lose th ...

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Challenges of Unemployment          The all American dream – go

Also, we hear everyday or read in the news that the unemployment rate in America continues to rise. Layoffs, downsizing and corporate bankruptcies are greater than ever, with today's worker wondering ... loyee attitudes, and loyalty. What the media doesn't tell you is that even with the vast amounts of layoffs there is also a greater number of people being hired. Unfortunately, the unemployment challe ...

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Corporate Downsizing

. Franklin Square Press, 666 Broadway, New, NY: 1995.Koretz, Gary. Business Week. "Big Payoffs from Layoffs". Page 30, February 24, 1997.North American Free Trade Agreement. Vol. 1, U.S. Government Pr ...

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Legal Encounter 1

gal clauses may show that the employer was required to have sufficient cause prior to an employee's layoff or termination (Sessions, 1994).Wrongful termination occurs when an employee believes he was ...

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strategic Fiji Water

tive press about the socio-economic conditions of their souring location, and in 2008 was forced to layoff 40% of their staffing resources. With limited resources, an action plan going forward must be ... for Fiji Water since it is owned by an independently wealthy CEO (worth $2b), or it could mean more layoffs and potential bankruptcy. Therefore, even though increasing the price a slight .4% could ris ...

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Inventory Management

f time required for payroll savings to recover restructuring cost.AnalysisWhen a company conducts a layoff, there is a price to pay in the short run for getting costs. Besides a severance and benefits ... rs how to do the work they've absorbed, and to handle other employee issues directly related to the layoff all of which eats managers' and administrative staffs' time and, therefore, money.The effects ...

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