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rom Seattle. They were one of the firstalternative bands to ever become popular from this area. The lead singerof Pearl Jam is Eddie Vedder, he does the lead vocals and plays theguitar. The rest of th ... am, but they do have a large following of fans. The three band membersof Everclear are Art Alexis, (lead vocals, and guitar) Greg Eklund, (drumsand vocals) and Craig Montoya, (bass, and vocals). Their ...

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Greg graffin

ed in theearly eighties and has now been around over15 years and has released over eight albums,the lead singer has continued his schoolingand now has one bachelors degree ,a mastersand is working on ... to as one of the topfive bone paleontologists n the world. He hashad one of his papers printed in a leadingscientific journal. He says that he plans tostay involved in science for the rest of his life ...

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The beatles

When people hear the name 'The Beatles' most people think oflead singer, John Lennon. However, the role of Paul McCartney isoften overlooked. It was McCaiinquis ... d a modern rock that was new andpopular during the period with John and Paul composing and doingthe leads on most of the songs. They were backed by George onrhythm and bass guitar and Ringo on drums. ...

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A Look Into the Life and Career of a Legend; A Proposal

An informative biography of Kurt CobainKurt Donald Cobain was the lead singer/songwriter of theband Nirvana, until April 5 1994 when he committed suicide.Troubled by ... s to all of his songs. All of these give different looks atthe life of Cobain and what exact events lead to him committingsuicide. In my opinion out of the resources I have the lyrics ofhis songs pain ...

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This essay will explain the school of liteary thought, Deconstruction.

he 20th century, Jacques Derrida gave this definition a word: deconstruction.For instance, when the lead singer of Cake speaks such lyrics as those exhibited in "The Distance" (He's going the distance ...

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Pearl Jam.

Pearl JamVedder, Pearl Jam's lead singer, says, "I didn't ask for all this." He has millions of dollars and yet, still drives the ... ir last. On the night of March 19, 1990, things went down hill for the band. Andy Wood, who was the lead singer of "Mother Love Bone" changed Vedder's life overnight. Wood's girlfriend came home most ... River. Although Green River never became a huge success big, Nirvana and Soundgarden did. Nirvana's lead singer, Kurt Cobain, and Vedder got close through years of playing at the same shows and seeing ...

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If You Read You Will Judge is a research paper that was composed on Kurt Cobain's musical talent and acheivements rather than his suicide.

have been published. This collection gives readers an insight into to the mind of Kurt Cobain, the lead singer of Nirvana. On April 8, 1994 Cobain was found dead in the greenhouse of his Seattle home ...

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Lost (Personal Descriptive/Narrative Essay)

ully bounced from the stage into a sea of beautiful young women, all vying for the attention of the lead singer. As though holding a number at the deli counter, I waited my turn. I nervously fidgeted ... e must know another way to get there. I was hoping with all I had in me that my mystery guide would lead me home.Playing a sick game of cat and mouse, I chased those tail lights from one nameless subu ...

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The Beatles:The Best Band That Ever Lived

in previous history!The success of the Beatles must have only been driven by fate. John Lennon, the lead singer for the Beatles, was always a trouble maker throughout high school. He was frequently sk ... p in 1970. The group's separation was due to the Beatles' desires to work as solo artists or as bandleaders. Despite the split, the Beatles members continued to keep in touch and stay friends througho ...

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Charecter Analysis for Lord of the Flies

ll of the boys join Jack's 'tribe. Ralph is the only boy who is not a hunter but is only successful leader out of all the boys.Jack: Jack, the lead singer in the school choir and Ralph's chief nemesis ... er the other choirboys. The only time when he showed sympathy was when Simon faints. It is Jack who leads the boys' to turn to savage. He always brought with him a knife and gradually became more and ...

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Robots Reveal Their Human Side

entertaining visitors. Toyota's robotic band, that consists of seven trumpet and horn players and a lead singer have been performing many different tunes for thousands of visitors, selling out 13 show ...

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My Man Jon

e of my fondest memories will be the soundsand thoughts of Jon Anderson. Jon is the founder and lead singer of the rock group Yes. In recent years, he has also collaborated with Vangelis and prod ...

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"Suicide Solution"

interpreted song for many years. About the dangers of alcohol, Ozzy wrote this after Bon Scott, the lead singer for AC/DC, died as the result of a drinking binge. Randy Rhoades guitar sounds, Ozzys vo ... nics strategically put into the ends of each verse. The bridge is filled with an ominous sound that leads to the guitar being alone to introduce the last verse. There is no solo only the eerie guitar ...

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"Tony went to the Bodega but didn't buy anything" by Martin Espada

ctually occurs, as if the universe were mocking us. An amazinling talented song writer, Kurt Cobain lead singer of Nirvana committed suicide on March 5, 1994. Kurt Cobain was enriched with money, fame ...

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Article for the University News paper on Ian Mellencamp who is a nephew of John Cougar Mellencamp - John Cougar Mellencamp: Tight Genes at Miami University

Deeply nestled in Cincinnati, unexpectedly there is an up and coming rock band whose lead singer is related to an infamous pop icon and also a Miami University student.Miami Universtiy ... ty student.Miami Universtiy junior, Ian Mellencamp, is the nephew of John Cougar Mellancamp and the lead singer for the band Bluf.The band consists of three brothers; Elliot, Ben and Evan Rubin who re ... spectively play the keyboard, drums and bass. Adding to the band’s emotive instrumentations is lead singer Ian Mellencamp, a natural science major. Bluf has a suit of talent that will lead them a ...

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Listening Report â€" Nirvana: In Utero

ith the listening report. This was the second last CD that Nirvana released before Kurt Cobain (the lead singer, and one of my idols) O.D.'d on a LOT of crack and shot himself. The songs on this CD ar ...

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Jim Morrison

There are many figures in music that make them a household name, Jim Douglas Morrison, the lead singer of The Doors a popular rock group in the late 60's who died at a very young age, has mad ... naval base. Jims father Steve Morrison was from Florida; in high school he was a gymnast and a cheerleader. He entered the Second World War but never actually fought. He met Jims mother Clara in Honol ...

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Freddie Mercury And His Aids

Freddie Mercury was the lead singer for the Rock n' Roll band Queen. Freddie was born Farookh Bulsara in Zanzibar September ...

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Jon Davis Of KoRn

Jonathan Davis before he was in KoRn was the lead singer in a band called Sex Art. It was in the band when he was playing at a local club that he ...

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Davey Havok And Aron Lewis

ome around to often. There are two artists that make you stop and think "wow". They are Davey Havok lead singer from the band AFI and Aron Lewis lead singer from the band Staind. They can be contraste ...

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