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High Schools do not adequately prepare students for college

ls do not adequately prepare students for college. Too many students in classrooms leave the slower learners to fall behind. Not enough time in each class forces teachers to skip important topics. Som ...

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Constructivist Theory of Learning.

The constructivist theory of learning has been one of the more popular epistemologies for learners, teachers and scholars alike, particularly in the last decade. The two primary strands of c ... t that as a result of the above principles, colloquial language is developed amongst communities of learners. Above all, the learner is an active agent in the learning process.With the learner as the ...

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Implications of individual differences in the context of work teams.

ng because the differing opinions, ideas, suggestions and knowledge of other team members draw each learners' attention to more alternatives and force them more often to make decisions. Cooperation is ...

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An essay about the new graduated licensing program in British Columbia.

ths by young drivers may be accurate, the conditions of the roads and environments will worsen. The learners stage of regulations has not changed significantly, but enough to make some kind of a notic ...

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Reflective writing - personal view - learning styles - adult learners.

nd humorous to hold their attention.Adult educators must produce learning environments in which all learners can feel they are accomplishing something or benefiting some how. The types of benefits and ... oursework, role-playing and individualized needs (Knowles, 1984).Second is Characteristics of Adult Learners (CAL) by P. CrossAs found in this weeks reading material the CAL model joins together other ...

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is obvious that there is a rush toward modern technology for teaching as well as learning nowadays. Learners, especially students have been very quick at embracing technology as the means to reach the ...

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Listening Comprehension: Aural processes and Listening Comprehension Strategies in Second Language Learning

o shown that second language teachers who have an understanding of the listening process can assist learners in developing effective strategies for listening comprehension. This paper will describe th ... aries or other parts of speech." Strategies and techniques, however, can be used by second language learners to improve their listening comprehension skills.For example, learners can benefit from incr ...

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FETC Teacher training notes.

ame as a younger learner who whishes to develop their skills to take theminto employment.My current learners...The groups I teach at the moment are all around the same age, from the same socio -econom ... ay to integrate these into my course programme. This would mean that I could deliver units that the learners would find interesting and engaging. To add to this I gathered information from past tutors ...

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FETC Teacher Training Assignments 106-108 stage 1

y I can also monitor their ability and level of learning, over the duration of a session the faster learners can adapt their skills to more complex solutions to the brief while the slower learners can ... the brief while the slower learners can catch up and also leave the session with a new ability.The learners will be of differing levels so each task is set at a midway point so as not to alienate any ...

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The extent to which a teacher can be responsible for their own professional development and by what means this can be achieved.

teacher am I? What are my beliefs about teaching and learning? How should I communicate goals to my learners? What learning methods and techniques should I employ? How can I deal with discipline probl ...

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Spirituality in current school and educational settings, in light of the aftermath of extremist terrorist attacks

individual, and not able to be broken down and scientifically analyzed, the overall motivate of the learners might be enhanced.There is an obvious need in modern society to address spirituality in edu ...

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Sustainable Food Production

Sustainable Food Production EssayAccording to the Oxford Advanced Learners' English dictionary, sustainability means "keeping an effort going continuously, the abilit ...

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The English School System/ This essay argues that the English school system (in UK) shuts out students and denies them a chance at a decent education if they don't preform well in exams.

hat failed that one crucial exam at ages as young as three, are left unenthusiastic, underachieving learners with little hope of bettering their position.The unique practice of forcing young children ... ls must try to accommodate different learning styles, and not assume that all children are auditory learners. The English schools are often outdated reformatories lacking all of the above qualities. I ...

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Errors and error correction in teaching foreign language

nt. Feelings like "I'd rather be quiet than say something stupid" are quite common, and majority of learners do not realize, that errors can actually help them; that mistakes are a developing factor i ... mmunicate imperfectly in lots of situations, not perfectly in a few. The teachers job is to support learners as they blunder through a range of communicative scenarios, not badger them because they fo ...

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Strategies for Successful Learning

Every person needs to learn knowledge in the world, but only some people can become successful learners. Then how to become a successful learner? I would like to discuss this in two aspects.On th ...

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Dutch Difficulting with English Dialects

pressure to create uniformity in the English language forces dialects to disappear gradually. Dutch learners have better opportunities to acquire British English instead of Scottish or Irish dialects. ... ll gradually reduce the use of Scottish and Irish dialects, which makes it more difficult for Dutch learners to acquire them. Therefore, it can be concluded that Dutch learners of English are in a bet ...

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Encouraging alternative forms of self expression in the generation Y student: a strategy for effective learning in the classroom

strategy used in a nursing school in Florida that accommodates the unique characteristics of these learners.Key Words: Self-Expression, Generation Y, Learning Styles**********Today, a majority of stu ... learning experiences.(2) Give students control of their learning.(3) Highlight key points since new learners are surfers and scanners rather than readers and viewers (e.g., the use of power point pres ...

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A Study of Cross-Cultural Pragmatic Failure

, ethnic groups, and co-cultural communication are three forms of cross-cultural communication. The learners of foreign languages have to study cross-cultural communication becausea) We are living in ... as behaving badly; as being an untruthful, deceitful, or insincere person" (1983:107).The language learners should know not only the formal rules, but also the rules of use, that is, the pragmatic pr ...

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Redefining Distance Learning For The Future:

In today's global economy, successful organizations must build on lessons learned by educators and learners of the past to help prepare them for a future which is currently being re-defined.I believe ... " In order for distance learning to be a solution of the future it must define the value it adds to learners and society first and foremost.When doing this, distance learning programs should pay speci ...

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Sustainable Food Production

INTRODUCTIONAccording to the Oxford Advanced Learners' English dictionary, sustainability means "keeping an effort going continuously, the abilit ...

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