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Law of Equity.

inst forfeiture of an interest in property may arise is in the context of contracts for the sale or lease of land. Relief of forfeiture of personal interests to which one party is entitled may arise w ... ulnerability or misadvantage for the unjust enrichment of himself."Forfeiture and contracts for the lease of landBy exercising a right to forfeit, a lessor terminates the lease. A lessor's right to te ...

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The benefits of leasing a computer.

question. The answer is always so simple, computers. The next question is usually, "should I buy or lease the computers?". Leasing computers is more effective for businesses than buying because the to ... businesses than buying because the total cost of ownership is reduced, it provides flexible end-of-lease options, computer technology is kept up to date, and machinery malfunctions are reduced and/or ...

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Law Case Study on Property

ouble on my property". Advise John.The essence of this case is whether John's occupation is under a lease or just under a licence. The distinction between a lease and a licence is important because Jo ... Exclusion Possession and Fixed Duration.Exclusive PossessionIn order for occupation to qualify as a lease, John must be given exclusive possession of the studio. It is exclusive possession that justif ...

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Deduction for Sale and Lease back( taxation law: case study)

Deduction for Sale and Lease backThe facts:The issuesWhether company X could get deduction in respect of 2m of lease paymen ... consisted of fixtures, sale agreement is ineffective to vest any title in company Y. Therefore, the lease is ineffective to confer any right in respect of the factory and plant on the taxpayer. Accord ... ayer. Accordingly, payments made by company X to Y cannot be characterized as payments made under a lease for the purpose of securing the right to use property owned by company Y as lesser.The words i ...

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Lease Vs. Buy

Lease Vs. BuyDraft of Final PaperLease verse Buying Decision MakingBuy or to lease, which one does a ... hich is more cost effective choice. Some tough questions may be asked before determining whether to lease or buy. This would allow the buyer or lessee to determine or require available options.Lease v ... xactly what the flow of cash is called, cash on hand or the cash that is coming in and out during a lease or buy contract. Unlike buyers, lessee with credit issues or who cannot afford a large down pa ...

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Analyze and critically discuss the legal aspect of relief in relation to the law of property

itys general jurisdiction to relieve against penalties and other means that the court may order the lease to continue where forfeiture is considered too drastic a remedy and disproportionate to the da ... as granted in the scala house case mentioned above. The normal effect of forfeiture is that all sub leases fall aswell. However, under s.146(4) Law of property act 1925, a sub tenant may apply for rel ...

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Analyzing Lease Versus Buy Decisions" Simulation Summary

Analyzing Lease Versus Buy Decisions" Simulation SummaryA. For a high-technology item, like computer equipment ... sus Buy Decisions" Simulation SummaryA. For a high-technology item, like computer equipment, is the lease option preferable from the very outset? Why or why not?Yes, because from the start companies a ... s will most likely need to upgrade to remain competitive this can be costly for a new company. Also lease down payments are often cheaper than purchase payments. Due to the high rate of obsolescence, ...

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Elements Of Leasing

ord has to incur any legal expenses to enforce his rights to recover damages due , pursuant to this lease, Landlord shall be entitled to add legal expenses in the amount which he has spent for attorne ... s or any other connections to the roof or any other portion of the premises.16. Subordination. This Lease and Tenant's rights are subject to present and future mortgages which Includes the apartment.1 ...

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Identify, and evaluate the different types of property income taxes?

ir property then the tax amount will be nil for that year.PremiumsThis includes rules such as short lease premiums, premiums that are paid, premiums on subleases and reverse premiums.Short lease premi ... ums, premiums that are paid, premiums on subleases and reverse premiums.Short lease premiumsA short lease is one that is under 50 years. When the lease is granted to a tenant for a period of time by a ...

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Financial Elements of Opening a Restaurant

s next section deals with a significant aspect infinancial spectrum: acquiring your property.Buy or LeaseThere are two ways to acquire the main asset you need to get your restaurantventure off of the ... the latter is the most common method forrestaurants, I will place most emphasis on it.A restaurant lease is one of the most critical contracts that you will enter into so itis important that an attor ...

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Fundamentals of Corporate Finance Paper

h 13, 2006FIN 325IntroductionDetermining whether leasing or buying is better economically (known as lease vs. buy or lease vs. purchase analysis) requires knowing the purchase cost of the asset, the r ... set (or the cost of capital if you pay cash), and the expected value of the asset at the end of the lease term, known as the residual value. The cash flows for both leasing and buying are compared, wi ...

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ACC/400 Case Study 13 5

� PAGE �1� Running Head: WEEK 5 ASSIGNMENTS FROM THE READINGSSolutions Guide: Please do not present as your own. This is only meant as a solutions guide for you to answer the prob ... ; Case 13-4 Application of SFAC No. 13On January 1, 2006, Lani Company entered into a noncancelable lease for amachine to be used in its manufacturing operations. The lease transfers ownershipof the m ...

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