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Johann Sebastian Bach

popular series of concerts.The youngest son of Johann Sebastian, Johann Christian Bach was born in Leipzig on Sept. 5, 1735. He received musical training from his half brother, Carl Philipp Emanuel. ... ccepted the posts of cantor of the Thomaskirche school and director of church music for the city of Leipzig, Germany. He died in Leipzig on July 28, 1750.

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Werner Heisenberg

author. During his career he taught at many prestigious universities, including the Universities of Leipzig, Goettingen, and Berlin. He also wrote many important books including, Physical Principles o ...

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ears, Bach wasoffered the highly prestigious post of cantor(music director) of St. Thomas' Church inLeipzig - after it had been turned down bytwo other composers. The job was a demandingone; he had to ... l churches, and teach Latinin the St. Thomas choir school. Accordingly,he had to get along with the Leipzig churchauthorities, which proved rocky going. But hepersisted, polishing the musical componen ...

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Robert Schumann

Robert yearned for affection.He soon fell for seventeen-year-old Ernestine von Fricken, who came toLeipzig in April 1834 to live in at the Wiecks', and to study with Clara'sfather. She had grown up i ... tine weresecretly engaged. Within days, Baron von Fricken heard that something wasafoot, arrived in Leipzig, and took Ernestine back to Asch. After secretdiscussions, the engagement was broken off by ...

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This essay is titled "Is Psychology a Science?" and analyses the subject from the root to what it has become today.

1979 when Wilhelm Wundt established the first laboratory for the scientific study of psychology, in Leipzig, Germany.Wundt described psychology as a science by giving the following comparison: "Once y ...

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Structuallism and its founder, Ferdinand de Saussure.

ation for a school of thought later named structualism. Saussure completed his education in Geneve, Leipzig, and Berlin obtaining his doctorate in 1800. He taught historical linguistics at Paris and b ...

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Johann Sebastian Bach

e to Lubeck, via Luneburg, Sangerhausen, Weimar, and Arnstadt, and one might see his appointment in Leipzig as the culmination of years working towards his goal. Unfortunately, his creative genius was ... st of Cantor although the councils 1st choice was Georg Phillip Telemann. Telemann was appointed to Leipzig but his salary was doubled, so he decided to stay in Hamburg. Then Johann Cristoph Graupner ...

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Notes on Bach's life.

he prince's love for music[ƒnTherefore, Bach's position at court gradually declinedMƒnThe Leipzig years MMƒnwhen Bach was 38, he was appointed to one of the most important music positio ... ed to one of the most important music position in Germany, that of cantor at St. Thomas's Church in LeipzigMƒnamong the candidate were Georg Philipp Teleman (1687-1767), but he declined the offer ...

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An analysis of Bach's prelude and fugue no.6 book 1 and brief biography of bach.

Johann Sebastien BachJohann Sebastien Bach was born in Eisenach on March 21, 1685 and died and Leipzig on July 28 1750 at age 65. He was the youngest son of Johann Ambrosius Bach, a town musician ... ml;then court. In 1722 Bach entered his candidature for the prestigious post of Director musices at Leipzig and Kantor of the Thomasschule there. In April 1723, after the preferred candidates, Teleman ...

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JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH, A biography of his life

is music for the performers. Eventually, Anna's handwriting looked the same as Bach's.Bach moved to Leipzig in 1723 and spent the rest of his life there. His position as musical director and choirmast ... ere. His position as musical director and choirmaster of Saint Thomas's church and church school in Leipzig was unsatisfactory in many ways. He squabbled continually with the town council, and neither ...

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Clara Weick Schumann

in her later years. Nonetheless, her musical output was 66 pieces.Clara Josephine Wieck was born in Leipzig, Germany, on September 13, 1819. Her father was a piano store owner and a highly esteemed pi ... an composing the Piano Concerto in A Minor. She performed the completed concerto at age l6 with the Leipzig Gewandhaus orchestra, conducted by Felix Mendelssohn.Friedrich Wieck encouraged Clara to per ...

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Why study psychology?

st Wilhelm Wundt established the first laboratory dedicated to the scientific study of the mind? in Leipzig, Germany (?Psychology?). Since then, many different branches of psychology that have a signi ...

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WOYZECK Summary and Critique

ation.The script's plot if very cryptic but is based on a true story that took place during 1821 in Leipzig, Germany. The character of Woyzeck is modeled after Johann Christian Woyzeck who was execute ...

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The Leipzig String Quartet

Art 1010Professor: Erwin GelberName of the performing group: The Leipzig String QuartetDate, time and location of the performance: March 13, 2005 at St. Johnsbury Mi ... Middle schoolType of concert: ClassicalStart time and end time of the concert: 7:00PM to 9:30PMThe Leipzig String QuartetListening to their music was kind of like eavesdropping on a private fireside ... ext to a fireside and very secretly listening to a serenade. It was extraordinarily impressive. The Leipzig String Quartet musicians handled their individual roles with tremendous confidence. They pla ...

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The Controversy Surrounding the Discovery of Calculus by Sir Isaac Newton and Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz.

m Leibniz (1646-1716) was a German philosopher, mathematician, and statesman born in the country of Leipzig. He received his education at the universities of Leipzig, Jena, and Altdorf. He received a ...

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History of William Wundt, the psychologist.

ued on to become chair of "inductive philosophy" at Zurich in 1874, then professor of philosophy at Leipzig, where he remained for the next 45 years. In 1875, a separate classroom was set aside for hi ... s were rewarded with the establishment of the first ever "Institute for Experimental Psychology" at Leipzig.

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Martin Luther

ons of his work. Some of his works included his 95 theses and others also included indulgences, the Leipzig disputation of 1519 and seven sacraments. Martin Luther gained a big group of followers that ... inety-five theses were had a great impact on society on help his status in fighting indulgences.The Leipzig disputation of 1519 was a debate which included Luther and Eck. They were debating about the ...

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Spearman versus Gardner: A Comparison of the Two Basic Theories of Intelligence

began developing his two-factor theory of intelligence. After receiving his doctorate from Wundt in Leipzig, Spearman's professional career began to take off. He took over the department of experiment ...

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Sigmund Freud

lot as a child. His father was a wool merchant, whose business failed in Moravia, so they moved to Leipzig and then to Vienna. In 1937 the Nazis annexed Austria, and Freud, who was Jewish, was allowe ...

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Clara Wiek essay assignment

Clara Josephine Wieck was born on September 13th, 1819 in Leipzig, Germany. She was born into music, as her whole family growing up played an instrument. Her ... provide much in the way of general education.Clara performed for the first time at age nine at the Leipzig Gewandhaus in 1828. She made her formal debut only two years afterwards. During this time an ... battles, the court approved of the marriage. The two were wed on September 12, 1840, and settled in Leipzig.Throughout her marriage, Clara Schumann gave birth to eight children. Through all of the str ...

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