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, or sell things. But as times changed, so did the prices of many things. For example, setting up a lemonade stand, for an expensive videogame, is hopeless, because it would barely produce a profit. T ...

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The Career of a Public Relations Officer

nd the process fascinating. My interest could be detected all the way back to the opening day of my lemonade stand in the first grade. With this it mind, it goes without saying that the career path of ...

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Lemonade Stand Game report.

Lemonade Experience.In class over the past few days we have worked on an internet game called lemona ... e is to make as much money as you can within thirty days. To do this, you open your own business, a Lemonade Stand. You have complete control over almost every part of your business, including pricing ... reak the business is the price you charge. Customers are more willing to pay higher prices when the lemonade is more in demand (When the weather is hotter). As the temperature drops, and the weather t ...

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Math Functions

aphed and maintain a constant slope. It can be an increasing or decreasing function. For example, a lemonade stand sells a cup of lemonade for twenty-five cents. Graphed, x would be the cups sold, and ...

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