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Summarizes "Insanity Plea" by William J.Winslade and Judith Wilson Ross. Speaks also about different ways people have used and abused the Criminal Justice System using The Insanity Plea

broadcasting news of the events inatown called Jonestown, at first all that was known, was that peopleof areligious cult shot and may have even killed CaliforniaCongressmanLeo Ryan. Then on November 2 ... was riding in the back seat of his uncle's Buick with a twelve gaugehot gun, that was fired by a Mr Leonard Smith. Leonard Smithwas a33 year old, unemployed Truck Driver, who lived in Illinois. Hehadn ...

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An account of The People's Temple Mass suicide and Jim Jones's persuasion and propaganda

efs, Jones's growing insanity and abuse of prescription drugs, and the assassination of Congressman Leo Ryan.James (Jim) Warren Jones was born, May 13, 1931 during the great depression in Crete, India ... ) and suspicion of illegal dealing's within his Guyana settlement, Jones was visited by Congressman Leo Ryan. Congressman Ryan's mission was to liberate un-happy people and to research alleged wrongdo ...

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Peoples Temple

invade his people's minds with the thought of revolutionary suicide.C. Congressman from California, Leo Ryan, decided to make a visit to Jonestown.1. His visit was presented as friendly but apparently ...

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Jim Jones

ns, those people being Grace Stoen and Deborah Blakely who's story got the attention of congressman Leo J. Ryan to come for himself November 1978.Congressman Leo J. Ryan and a TV crew arrived in Jones ... to talk his followers into a massive suicide because of the decision making leading to the death of Leo J. Ryan causing Jones to become paranoid and start his Revolutionary Suicide. As Jim Jones got o ...

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