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to produce programs to be run on PC's or mainframe computers. There are two broad divisions:(i)Low-level languages - these are so named because they are very close in structure to the binary (machine ... binary (machine) code that computers operate on (i.e. 1's and "w's) the only real example of a low level language is "assembly language". This uses 3- letter operation codes to perform functions with ...

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chine instructions to human-readable and -manageable mnemonics, such as ADD and MOV.In time, higher-level languages evolved, such as BASIC and COBOL. These languages let people work with something app ...

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High Level Shading Language (HLSL)

High Level Shading Language (HLSL), a programming language for Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) in DirectX 9 ... y, OpenGL 1.5 starts to include OpenGL shading language GLSLang as a standard component. These high level languages accerlate the development of shaders.To build a complete shader, new shading languag ... s tedious to set large amount of parameters. Neatware's Media Control Lnaguage (mCL) supports High- Level Shading Languages (HLSL) and DirectX 9. Shader writers can easily embeded HLSL into a mCL func ...

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Computer Programming and Program Development

ulty to read, write, and memorize strings of ones and zeros resulted in using an assembly or a high-level language (Venit & Drake, 2007, p. 18).Using an assembly language is very close to machine ... r (Venit & Drake, 2007, p. 18).The most human friendly type of programming language is the high-level language. The ease of use and the ability to learn them easier, contribute to their popularity ...

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