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Julius Caesar's use of amicitia to advance his politcal career

Caesar's first significant moves was in his support of Pompey's extraordinary commands, namely the Lex Gabinia and Lex Manilia, in 67 and 66 respectively. Earlier in 70, Pompey and Crassus had restor ... Caesar, but takes a slightly different stance, saying that Caesar was "impudent" in supporting the Lex Gabinia and Manilia, and also "However little Caesar liked Pompey's new elevation, he was left w ...

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In the period of 70 to 50 BC, how important was it for Cicero to align himself with Pompey? (30 Marks)

n 66BC. As praetor he delivered one of his most important speeches with the intention of supporting Lex Manilia at the risk of losing the respect of senate by going against their wishes. This law gave ...

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